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Few times back women were making use of tampons and sanitary napkins during menstruation. But one aspect which is mostly ignored is that these products only add to discomfort of a woman. To avoid this and many other problems that they have there are women who have now started making use of cup mesntruelle for the same. This is one which is to be inserted in the vagina and will never have any kind of problems for you.

Though this concept is popular all across the globe choosing the right coupe menstruelle francaise is something that still needs assistance. You have to know that these cups will be available in different sizes, colors and also materials. There are some of the questions that you need to take into account and then purchase the correct one for your menstrual cycle.

Foremost thing you can go ahead with is learning some basics regarding these cups. When you are using sanitary napkins, switching to coupe menstruelle may not be easy. Especially if you are brought up in a locality where these are uncommon, you will take a little time to adapt to it. Make sure that you gain some information regarding the same so that things become simple for you.


Another thing that you need to pay attention to is the measurement of cervix. With this, purchasing the correct menstrual cup will become easy for you. Cervix is a part of your vagina. This is where the menstrual fluid will come through. It is essential for you to measure the distance of the cervix from your vagina prior to selecting any kind of cup. The main reason behind this is that the coupelle menstruelle that you purchase can be small or big. They can cause discomfort if you do not pick on the right size. Taking measurement is not at all tough. For this you will have to wait till your menstruation. In every monthly cycle the cervix will have different positions. You will be required to slowly and gently insert the clean finger back up till the time you feel something is on the tip. As it is a round nub you will certainly understand when your finger touches the same. You need to check how far the finger goes and measure the space on the finger. With this you will be able to decide the correct coupe menstruelle France that you should purchase. After this you also have to consider how heavy your menstrual flow is. There are numerous sizes in which these cups are available and so it is essential for you to decide on it.

Thirdly you also have to take aesthetics into account. The cup menstruelle is always made available in different colors and styles. The cups may also have stems which are sometimes flat, hollow or then even cylindrical.

Lastly it is important that you decide on the coupe menstruelle francaise brand that you want to buy. The main reason behind this is that you can get different kinds of cups with different brands. Prior to purchasing the cup you need to ensure that it is comfortable and long lasting.

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