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The life and working routine of everyone in the modern life is busy. As a result, someone will hold urine and just go to toilet after a long time. As we all known, urine is the metabolic end products produced by the kidneys, and some material contained in it has certain toxic to human body. Besides, the damage of having a full bladder to women is more than men. It is very harmful for one's bladder to hold urine frequently, because the toxic material contained in the urine can stimulate the bladder wall in long-term which may cause bladder cancer to some extent. What's more, the full bladder will add burden to one's kidney and cause kidney disease accordingly.

Because of the complicated intra-abdominal organ structure in women, the urinary system of women is more likely to get infected than men. A full bladder will not only affect the bladder function and cause urinary tract infections, but also lead to urinary frequency, blood in urine, difficult urination, burning during urinating, abdominal pain, etc. Meanwhile, a full bladder will also have many adverse effects on reproductive organs.

As the internal genital organs and bladder exists in pelvic cavity at the same time for female and the uterus is behind the bladder, holding urine frequently will make bladder full which will suppress the uterus and make it lean back. As a result, it will be difficult for uterus to reset if one always holds urine. The uterus is divided into three degrees, and if the bladder suppresses the uterus to the second degree, it will obstruct flow of the menstrual blood and cause severe pain during periods. And if the bladder suppresses the uterus to the third degree, it may make the uterus suppress sacral plexus in front of lumbar which will cause pain around lumbosacral region accordingly and pain during sexual intercourse. What's worse, it may lead to infertility. Consequently, it's a very bad habit to hold urine frequently for female. It's suggested to urinate timely and not to have a full bladder, especially for female.


It's not good for one's health whoever does something not confirming with the needs of one's body. Because of the complicated and special physiological structure in female, women should pay more attention to urinate timely and try no to have a full bladder frequently as it is very harmful to the urinary system.

TCM Tips

It's suggested to urinate every time before going out. Whatever during work, study or meeting, one should try to go to the toilet for urinating timely during the break. After holding the urine for a long time, except for emptying the bladder as soon as possible, it's also suggested to drink more water to force oneself to urinate a few times more, because it can flush the bladder and avoid the development of the bacteria in bladder. If one feels any abnormal discomfort, one should go to the hospital to have a test. For bladder problems, doctors will always prescribe some antibiotics. Chinese herbal medicine is also an alternative option, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which are made of natural herbs with no side effects.

To sum up, it's a very bad habit to have a full bladder frequently, which may cause some gynecological diseases or kidney diseases. So it's important to satisfy one's natural physical needs in their daily life.

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