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Vaginitis is the inflammation of vaginal mucosa and submucous connective tissue. It's a common disease in gynecological clinic. Because of the anatomical and biochemical characteristics, healthy women's vaginas have natural function of defense to the invasion of pathogen. If the defensive function is damaged, the pathogen can invade the vagina easily and lead to vaginitis. Therefore, it's very important to know the factors of causing this disease, then women can know how to prevent it as well.

1.Unhealthy lifestyle like stay up late to work overtime and nightlife.

Gynecologic inflammation is also a “lifestyle disease”. Because of the pressures of work and life, some people need to frequently engage in social activities and have nightlife, work overtime until midnight. These series of habits can disrupt circadian clock and decrease the immunity of genitals. It's easily for the harmful bacteria invade the vagina. Though one pays attention to the personal hygiene, the weak immunity can induce inflammation as well. It's advised that women should keep in a relaxing mind and face the life with a optimistic attitude. Staying in a good mood can enhance the resistance of the body and reduce the risk of getting ill.

2.Out-dated cleaning methods.

Soap and bath foam are widely used by most of women. Some women even take dipping bath with antibiotics or Chinese traditional medicine. These ways can't protect the existence of beneficial bacteria and it's harmful to the balance of microflora. Though the methods can relieve the symptoms of vaginitis temporarily, they can't cure this disease from its root and it's easily to recur.

3. Pay no attention to the hygiene when having sex.


Unclean sexual life can bring the extraneous bacteria to the vagina and the residual alkaline semen can change the normal environment of vagina, then lead to the recurrence of vaginitis. Japanese researchers think that the recurrence rate of gynecologic inflammation caused by sexual life is as high as 90%. In Korea, Cleaning the genital areas before sex is the responsibility of both husband and wife. It's visible that pay attention to the hygiene before and after sex is helpful for staying away from diseases.

4. Attach less importance to the treatment: the course of the treatment is not enough.

It's a common problem that patients with vaginitis don't have enough courses on the treatment. Some of the patients stop taking medicines once the symptoms are relieved or eliminated, and no longer cooperate with the treatment of the doctor. Though the bacteria are controlled, the disease hasn't been cured completely. When the PH valueof the vagina changes, the vaginitis will recur. In addition, part of the patients will frequently change medicines if the curative effect is poor, it is also the main cause of uncured inflammation.

5.Using improper medicines cause the inflammation hard to cure.

Most of women don't attach enough importance to the vaginitis. Besides, some of them think the symptoms are not so serious, so that they prefer to buy the anti-inflammatory painkillers in the drugstore. In fact, it can delay the state of the illness. The acute gynecologic inflammation can develop into chronic inflammation if it can't be cured permanently. It's suggested that women should go to the formal hospital to have a treatment if diagnosed with vaginitis.

Since you know the factors of leading to the recurrence of vaginitis, it's necessary for you to avoid these factors. However, if unfortunately you are diagnosed with this disease, timely and radically treatment is needed. You can try herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to cure it. This pill is made from herbs, so it's natural and secure. The herbs in the pill can clear away heat and toxin, promote the circulation of blood and Qi, eliminate the inflammation and pain. The greatest advantage is that it has no side effects like drug resistance and kidney damage, so patients can take it for a long period and the disease can be cured completely.

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