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Women with sex life are prone to get gynecological diseases of many kinds. For example, the common bacterial vaginosis, fungal vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, mixed vaginitis and so on, may come up you one after another. And for women who had a history of miscarriage or too frequent sex contacts may also encounter the pathological lesions in the endometrium and cervix uteri, including cervicitis, cervical erosion, endometritis etc. In addition, many of women due to repeated dysmenorrhea, huge menstrual volume even infertility are diagnosed with endometriosis. When referring to endometriosis, many people are very strange. So What's endometriosis on earth ?

In medical community, endometriosis is also considered a kind of disease that's difficult to treat. In one sense, it's similar to “cancer”. Endometriosis itself is not cancer, but due to the repeated hyperplasia of ectopic lesion and easily throughout the body, which shows the characteristics of tumor metastasis, and therefore it is called “cancer” difficult to treat. Of course, you can see, here the cancer is marked quotes, meaning that it isn't a true cancer, but it has the malignant characteristics of cancer in its spread, growing, invasion and metastasis. Hence, once it's diagnosed , you need to positively take endometrial tissue for a biopsy, in order to exclude the possibility of malignant lesions.

Endometriosis is divided into many forms. In endometriosis, tissue verry similal to the endometrium starts to grow in varius places that it shouldn't, but not in the uterine cavity that it should. Usually the tissue is found in pelvic cavity, called pelvic endometriosis. Wherein, if the tissue appears in myometrium, it's called adenomyosis. For its conservative treatment, patients can take drugs with effect of improving blood circulation, dissipating stasis and eliminating stagnation. In fact, you can have a try for traditional Chinese medicine Fu Yan Pill.


But if the tissue grows in ovary, then over time it can form cystic masses of chocolate, most of which form by the accumulation of obsolete blood. So they're also called chocolate cysts of ovary. Although the majority of them are benign cysts, they impede the ovaries making normal ovulation. So after diagnosis, patients are usually required immediate surgery to peel these chocolate cysts. In a general way, it's necessary to avoid inflammatory disease and infection after surgery, and you can take the above-mentioned Fuyan Pill to consolidate anti-inflammatory treatment.

Endometriosis with high incidence often leads to infertility. Excluding salpingitis of tubal disease, tubal adhesions, tubal blockage, hydrosalpinx etc, About 10% of women with infertility are due to endometriosis. And since the rate of abortion and cesarean has increased in recent years, the data of 10% also rises year by year.

Endometriosis is a kind of modern diseases. Due to the ectopia and transferring of ectopic endometrium, it is difficult to reach a radical cure. But after surgery patients can take fuyan pill timely as a consolidation therapy, which is good for pregnancy after surgery, and again inhibiting the proliferation of lesions.

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