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There are several types of tubes blockage, fimbrial blockage is only one type, and it can already cause infertility of women, so it is important to find the most suitable treatment for it. Is there a way to cure not only fimbrial type but also different types of tubes blockage?

Blockage of fallopian tubes is the main reason for infertility in women. Fallopian tubes are necessary paths for the meeting of sperms and eggs. It is infected by infection of uterus cavity and endometriosis mainly, causes also include all types of stimulations from inflammations, and this will cause partial issue adhesions and blockage. Once it occurs, it is hard for the meeting of sperms and eggs, even though eggs are fertilized, and because of inflammation of fallopian tubes, the movement for fertilized eggs is restricted and they may stay in the tubes and grow, finally become ectopic pregnancies and threat life of women seriously.

Five main causes

  1. Gynecological inflammation such as vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammation, salpingitis and annexitis. These inflammations will stimulate tubes for a long time and make them congestive or dropsical. Also they can lead to infertility caused by tube blockage, thickened or hardened tubes, and lumen adhesion.
  2. Long-term colporrhagia: common reasons are gynecological oncology, functional disturbance and uterine diseases. Symptoms are menometrorrhagia, too long menstrual period and several types of abnormal vaginal bleeding. If left untreated, for a period of time, long-term colporrhagia can lead to fester, adhesion and blockage of fallopian tube wall.
  3. Unclean sex: it can be a blasting fuse for many related diseases. Patients often affect different types of diseases by unclean sex, such as gynopathy and STDs, these diseases can all cause inflammation of tubes and lead to different degrees of the disease.
  4. Nonstandard medical procedures: artificial abortion or other related medical procedures which are not standard can cause inflammation and blockage. They can also be caused by abdominal operation and hydrotubation time after time.
  5. Unhealthy life style: stay up and sit for a long time can cause congestion of uterine appendages and lead to gynecological inflammation and tube blockage.

Symptoms and diagnosis


When fimbrial blockage occurs, patients usually feel painful in the lower abdomen, waist pain and abnormal periods. There are several ways to diagnose tubes blockage, such as hydrotubation, hystero-salpingography, B ultrasound and laparoscope.


Surgeries can be taken differently according to blocked parts in tubes, but the rate for patients to conceive is only 50 percent as the maximum, let alone wounds after surgeries and physical damage to patients. Another treatment is TCM, one is very good called Fuyan Pill.

It is the most suitable way to cure tubes blockage since it is safe like food we eat, it has no toxic and side effect and will make no wound, only remember to keep tips for taking it and do well prevention jobs, patients can be cured within several months and will never get the disease again. It can not only cure fimbrial type but also different types of the disease.

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