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Bacterial vaginosis patients, generally speaking, might be infected with the multiple pathogen, for example, an anaerobic bacteria patient might also carry Gardnerella vaginitis. As for these people, due to the mass propagation of the bacteria, the secreta of the vagina and cervix has increased, which stimulates the vaginal walls, and then causes pruritus, scorching hot, stabbing pain, even leads to a micro-ecosystem disturbance in your vagina and make the the degree of cleaness only appear 3 to 4 degrees. So, what is the optimal therapy towards bacterial vaginosis? How to keep female away from vaginal itching? How to let the degree of cleaness return to the normal standard?

The symptom of the bacterial vaginosis always appears simultaneously with the cervicitis and the pelvic inflammation disease, so that the aggressive therapy becomes particularly important. In general, the bacterial vaginosis therapy, for the most part, is carried out by drugs, such as the local vaginal suppository dose or the oral drugs-metronidazole, montricin and so on.



To some degrees, the incorrect use of the vaginal suppository dose may cause bleeding, and long-time use may lower the activity of the vagina mucosa, even exacerbate the problem of intravaginal dysbacteriosis, so we often suggests the patient take the pessary medication once every two days. If your disease is still difficult to cure, even appears some more serious symptoms as vaginal itching, leucorrhea paste or leucorrhea looks like rice water, which means you should stop your treatment. At this time, you should re-do the leucorrhea routine examination or do the drug sensitive test to try a new drug. If your symptoms are still cured with difficulties, by this time, you need to seek help for Chinese medicine Fuyan pill.

The general medicated vaginal suppository and oral western medicine cannot receive a radical treatment of bacterial vaginosis. For this purpose, on the one hand, you could actively use the Chinese medicine- Fuyan pill, an oral medicine without medicated vaginal suppository, which avoided the irritation to the vagina mucosa. On the other hand, Fuyan pills draw materials from the nature that we can rest assured the taking without worrying about its side effect. Broadly speaking, Fuyan pill could cure the bacterial vaginosis within 1 to 3 months depending on your individual constitution.

What's more, you need to set strict demands on yourself in the common life to do a better prevention and treatment that we need to improve health habit. The patients need to observe the contraindication of medicine when you take the Chinese medicine treatment. Don't eat acrid or greasy food; don't drink strong tea or beer! Notice your dietetic? hygiene! We wish you a speedy recovery!

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