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When it comes to female infertility, endometriosis which means the lining of uterus grows somewhere else should be definitely to blame. Around 30% to 50% women suffer from endometriosis prior to their infertility, and such rate keeps rising. Little is known about why this disease occurs whereas more point to the significative link between endometriosis and infertility. According to thousands of endometriosis examples, the misplaced endometrium leads to pelvic pain, irregular period and the possibility of infertility. Even though women with itmay get pregnant, it more likely turns out miscarriage. What factors on earth contribute to the development of this vicious relationship between endometriosis and infertility?

Most commonly, this disease prefers to take place in fallopian tubes where a fertilized egg has to travel through. Once the runaway endometrium stays and develops in fallopian tubes, there comes the adhesion that can damage fallopian tubes as well as prevent the movement of a fertilized egg. Along with aggravating adhesions, the fertilized egg disables reaching the uterus and then grows in the fallopian tube to form an ectopic pregnancy that finally wreaks havoc on the fallopian tube which explodes for lack of enough space to hold a fetus.

Similarly, endometriosis does harm to ovaries by adhesions. With alterative function, ovaries are unable to provide a proper environment for ovulation which is the essential part of pregnancy. At times, another unexpected problem, endometrioma which also can affect pregnancy, emerges as a byproduct caused by the growth of endometrial tissues inside the ovaries.


Not only does this condition damage fallopian tubes and ovaries to keep pregnancy in check, but also it may form another obstacle by changing hormonal excretion which can morph egg quality from healthy into poor and make trouble for implantation.

Endometriosis may threat pregnancy, in some degree associated with the weakened immunity that is caused by this problem and taken advantage of by some pathogens which always result in kinds of pelvic inflammation, leaving the road to infertility.

Given that this problem is to the detriment of conception, it's wise to treat it firstly rather than to attempt at getting pregnant. Birth control pills always help improve pain symptoms by decreasing estrogen which is demanded for the growth of endometriosis. Besides, some Chinese herbal medicines like “Fuyan Pill” have the ability to disappear adhesions on fallopian tubes and other organs caused by endometriosis ranging from minimal to severe. In addition to medical therapy, surgery is necessary if this condition becomes a life-threatening case.

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