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Mycoplasma is bacteria that lack a conventional cell wall. They are capable of replication. Mycoplasma infection in women and has been associated with cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and salpingitis. It is a situation that women are in high-risk attending STI clinics. The typical symptom of it is burning sensation during urination. So when women have this burning feeling when urinating, they are afraid of getting infected with mycoplasma. But does burning urination mean mycoplasma infection in women?

Although burning sensation during urination is a typical symptom of mycoplasm infection, it is not the symptom that could be only caused by mycoplasm infection. UTI could also lead to burning urination. You cannot say that you have mycoplasm infection only when you have burning urination. Mycoplasma infection also has some other typical symptoms, such as Cervical and pelvic pain, bleeding after intercourse or in between menstrual periods, and vaginal discharge. If you have these symptoms together with burning urination, it means you would get infected with mycoplasma infection.



However, to 100 percent ensure whether you infected with it, you could go to the hospital to do the cultivation of cervical secretions. AS mycoplasma infection could lead to many complications to women and even could cause infertility, once you diagnosed with it, you should get the treatment as soon as possible.

For traditional treatments are usually antibiotic medicines, which could not cure it completely, and let mycoplasma infection, reoccur easily. To make the matter worse, antibiotics always bring many side effects and drug resistance that are hard to bear for women.

Compared with western antibiotics, the traditional Chinese medicine can not only avoid these side effects, but also has good effects on treating mycoplasma infection. Fuyan pill, is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, which is made up of radix, poria, skullcap, gardenia, atractylodes, yams, atractylodes, angelica, honeysuckle and so on. The detoxification effects in it are equal with the broad-spectrum antibiotics. It can remove pathogens completely within several months and would not bring any side effects. Besides, it also can remove the spleen dampness, promote blood circulation and reduce swelling. It can change the body condition through the nature effect and eliminate pathogenic living environment as well as restoring vaginal flora balance and preventing mycoplasma's recurrence. So it is especially suitable for the patients with long suffering.

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