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Hydrosalpinx is one of the most common diseases in women. It can affect the natural pregnancy and influence female's family and life seriously. It's obvious that if you notice the sighs of hydrosalpinx, it's vital to get a treatment timely. Here are something important about this disease that can help you reduce the risk of getting inffected.

The causes of hydrosalpinx.

1.Frequent sexual life or have sexual intercourse during menstrual period may get infected and cause salpingitis, that can lead to hydrosalpinx.

2.Improper abortion and childbirth, the time after menstruation, childbirth or abortion can all lead to adnexa infection and adhesion atresia. The secreted fluid of mucosal cells remains in the lumen and gradually cause hydrosalpinx. The occurrence of adhesion of isthmus and umbrella end because of tubal inflammation, the transudate and percolate accumulate gradually in the tubal lumen can also lead to hydrosalpinx.

3. Adjacent organs retrograde infections, such as cervicitis, endometritis. Suppurative appendicitis and peritonitis expand into the pelvic cavity reproductive organs such as fallopian tube can also cause hydrosalpinx.

Treatments of hydrosalpinx.

1.Antibiotics and physiotherapy. Antibiotic treatment is suitable for local application, patients can take the side fornix closed or uterine cavity injection. Physiotherapy can promote the circulation of blood and is beneficial to eliminate the inflammation. The common physiotherapies are ultrashort wave, diathermy electrotherapy, infrared irradiation.


2.If antibiotics come out drug resistance and no longer take effect, patients can choose Traditional Chinese Medicine. it's herbal formation can clear away heat and toxic materials, eliminate inflammation, pain and dampness. It can also promote the circulation of blood and Qi. The most significant property is that it can eliminate the symptoms of hydrosalpinx permanently and increase the rate of pregnancy. The herbal medicine Fuyan Pill may be a great choice for curing hydrosalpinx.

3.Surgery treatment. If the near-end of fallopian tube is unobstructed and the far-end is atretic and has effusion, this kind of patients can have salpingostomy.

Preventions of hydrosalpinx.

1. It should be strictly disinfected when having induced abortion, delivery, operation on taking or putting the intrauterine device, and other uterine cavity operation to avoid the bacteria get into the vagina and uterus and cause inflammation.

2.Patients with hydrosalpinx should go to see a doctor immediately and face the disease positively. It should be controlled as soon as possible and prevent it change into chronic disease.

3.When the vagina have the symptom of bleeding, the sexual life should be avoided

4.To enhance self immunity and resistance to reduce the risk of getting ill.

If left untreated, the symptoms of hydrosalpinx may unceasingly aggravate. In order to avoid from the damage of this disease, females need to attach great importance to developing healthy lifestyle. If you have difficulty in getting pregnant because of hydrosalpinx, Fuyan Pill may be a remarkable medicine for you to get rid of this disease and get pregnant early.

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