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One of the biggest emeries for women is adenmyosis. It is a terrrible experience for those who had suffered from it. Adenmyosis would not only bring some unberable symptoms to women, but also could cause infertility in some sereve cases.

Although adenomyosis is benign, the impacts it brought on patients are huge. It not only brings painful menses and abnormal vagina discharge to sufferers, but also leads to infertility, since the patients gets younger and younger. Curing is hard for this disease. Lots of people take the view that surgery is the only treatment for this condition. However, this isn't the truth. Surgery isn't the only one treatment for this condition.

Generally speaking, for mild adenomyosis patients, hormone therapy is frequently applied. According to some researches, the occurrence of adenomyosis is related with the hormone disorder. Therefore, the hormone therapy can ease the symptoms and controls the deterioration of this condition.


There are also some other patients will choose the herbal therapy. Based on the theory of TCM, extravasated blood is the major cause of the adenomyosis. The blocked extravasated blood leads to painful menses and abnormal vagina disorders. So patients can take herbal medicine which can promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis to cure this condition. Take the Fuyan pill for example. Fuyan pill not only can promote blood circulation, but also can diminish the stasis and eliminate the pain. Fuyan pill can solve the adenomyosis from the root.

Surgery is another frequently used treatment. It commonly is used when the condition is severe and patients have no requirement of giving birth. Surgeries like Laparotomy hysterectomy and laparoscope. However, the damage causes of surgery are great too. Therefore, surgery is the last choice for adenomyosis patients.

The three mentioned above are frequently used treatment and the herbal medicine treatment is safer. According to the data released by the Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM clinic, obvious improvement can be seen after the first month course and radical curing can be achieved after the third month course. Fuyan pill is a non- surgical treatment and also is approved by the SIPO. Therefore, no postoperative infection can be acquired by patient and the cure rate can be 90% as long as they can follow the diet.

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