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The problem of irregular monthly flow and uneven cycle length normally affects more than 10 percent of women. The length of a cycle varies from three to eight days. The variation of eight to 20 days during a cycle is considered to be moderately irregular. When the variation is more than 20 days, it is considered to be excessively irregular. When during some months the bleeding starts before 21 days or after 30 days, it is said to be normal but in some women, the problem of early or late bleeding reoccurs regularly i.e. before 20 days or after 35 days.

Additionally, doctors prescribe painkillers to regulate the inconvenience caused by pain during the contraction of uterine and intestinal muscles. Sometimes, the intake of such pills can have long-term side effects on the normal health of a woman. On the other hand, taking natural supplements to treat irregular periods is believed to be a safe way to reduce inconvenience caused by the situation.

Many women have six to nine cycles in a year. Sometimes, pain and weakness grows when women have delayed or early flow. The flow can be heavy and can cause other health problems. Pills to control the problem are based on chemicals which can enhance or limit the flow of chemicals responsible for the flow. Natural supplements to treat irregular periods such as Gynecure capsules are made up of natural ingredients which are rich in phyto-chemicals that can regulate the flow of endocrines in a natural manner. The natural supplements to treat irregular periods are empowered with compounds that can reduce pain and inflammation.


For example – The medical extracts collected from the Barringtonia acutangula was traditionally used for the treatment of various diseases of the blood.

Symplocos racemosa can be found in the natural supplements to treat irregular periods as its regular intake cures liver disorders and also reduces the symptoms of diarrhea. In laboratory test, it was found that the herb was successful in reducing inflammation and worked as analgesic as it is rich in alkaloids, carbohydrate compounds, flavonoids and sterols. Its action was comparable to the laboratory based drug diclofenac sodium.

Some of the phyto chemicals which are found in the herbal extract of the Sphaeranthus indicus are eudesmenolides, sesquiterpene lactones, flavanoids and essential oils. Natural supplements to treat irregular periods contain this herb as it can regulate the flow of bodily chemicals to regulate the monthly cycle.

There are many other herbs in the natural supplements to treat irregular periods which can help in reducing the problem of irregular monthly flow. These herbs are naturally empowered to reduce pain during the monthly flow. Gynecure capsule can cure the problems of infections and cysts in the female reproductive organs. The remedies are powerful source of nutrition which can enhance the metabolism of the body and promote proper absorption of minerals and vitamins in the body to prevent the condition of anemia and fainting caused by weakness during the monthly flow. Natural supplements to treat irregular periods empower the female genitals to protect it from many diseases.

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