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Exhaustion is common in women who want to avoid lovemaking with partner. About a third of women have chronic conditions of low libido which interferes with their lives and may cause misunderstanding in relationship. About fifty percent of women in pre menopausal state experience the symptoms of low sex drive and low fantasies which can interfere with their relationships. Many are not aware that this is a medical condition and this problem can be related to poor arousal which results in poor lubrication and pain in women. The symptoms are lack of desire which affects the normal performance in conjugal life and causes distress due to the thoughts of lovemaking. The situation in which strain or relationship issues arise due to low sex drive requires attention and female sex enhancement supplements can be taken by women to get rid of such symptoms.

Herbal female sex enhancement supplements Fantasy capsule are empowered with phyto compounds that can provide the human body with natural ingredients to enrich its tissues. It revives the flow of chemicals in body to raise the level of desire and fantasies.

Ashwagandha is a popular herb found in the herbal female sex enhancement supplements which can revive the balance by relaxing stressed tissues and reduce the conditions of fatigue mentally and physically. The herb can restore drive and vitality in women. It is used for the treatment of immunity related disorders and other medical conditions which happen due to imbalance of certain chemicals in body. It revives the power of reproductive organs and is easily digested by the body when taken with warm milk or water.


Principally the problem of low vitality in women can be highly distressing and more than 40 percent women feel it reduces the level of intimacy with partner. This also reduces their general level of wellbeing and creates partnership issues in life. The problem can be resolved by taking herb such as Asparagus racemosus which is widely used in ayurveda for increasing the fertility level in women. The herb improves the conditions of womb and raises the flow of blood into the tissues in the female genitals to energize it. The herb when taken regularly can reduce the problem of blood loss and fibroids. There are various other phyto chemicals in the herb which can cure leukorrhea and monthly cycle problems effectively.

Shilajit is another natural ingredient found in herbal female sex supplements which revives youthfulness in human body. It is aphrodisiac in nature and helps in increasing general level of vitality. It is full of minerals, vitamins and phyto chemicals which are effective in strengthening the body and regulating electrolyte balance in body that is necessary to reviving power to take part and enjoy lovemaking with partner.

It is normal for women to completely abstain from lovemaking for sometime and during this time women may not want to have it. This is not the conditions with men and this can cause issues in partnerships. Herbal sex enhancement supplements helps in reviving interest and increasing pleasure in lovemaking to restore normal conjugal behaviour.

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