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A hydrosalpinx is the medical name for a fallopian tube that has become filled with severe or clear fluid due to injury or infection. Hydrosalpinx usually affects both fallopian tubes and the blocked tubes cause infertility. The disease is often treated by western medicines or surgeries, even though they can cure it to some extent, they can cause side effects and wounds to patients. If you know hydrosalpinx can be cured from the origin by a natural herb medicine, would you like to try it?

Hydrosalpinx commonly results from a long-untreated infection in the fallopian tubes or the pelvic infection. The most common bacteria at fault are gonorrhea, chlamydia, staphylococcus, streptococcus and pelvic tuberculosis.

A number of situations may lead to fallopian tube infection, including:


  1. The residual effects of a prior sexually transmitted disease such as chlamydia or gonorrhea.
  2. Prior ruptured appendix.
  3. Excessive tissue buildup due to endometriosis.

Common treatments of surgeries are often two kinds, tubal ligation and salpingectomy. These surgeries can be harmful and it is easy to get the disease again in the future. After getting these surgeries, the possibility of getting ectopic pregnancy will be increased, the reaction of ovary is low and the results of these treatments are irreversible.


A natural herbal medicine can cure the disease too, the name is Fuyan Pill, even though it isn't common for patients with hydrosalpinx, it is an effective treatment. According to the TCM view, hydrosalpinx is commonly caused by toxic materials, sluggish Qi and blood circulation, weak immunity and so on. So by adding different herbs in, lots of functions of signal herbs are highlighted and some useless functions are offset. Hydrosalpinx can be eliminated by herbal medicine totally.

Just take Fuyan Pill as the doctor says and keep hydrosalpinx diet. Also you can try some food good for the disease, you will be healthy again not so long. The traditional Chinese herb medicine, can not only eliminate inflammation completely but also clear the fallopian tube, and as a result the accumulated fluid within the tube is eliminated, without any damage for fallopian tubes and any aftereffect.

Here are some rules you need to keep if you choose Fuyan Pill.

  1. Don't take other Chinese herb medicine together with Fuyan Pill, but it is ok if you take western medicine.
  2. Don't drink alcohol, don't eat chili, chicken, fish, beef, shrimp, seafood or pickles, or it will make your treatment time longer.
  3. Be careful of personal hygiene.
  4. Stop taking during menstruation.
  5. No sexual intercourse.
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