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The fallopian tubes, as an extremely important purpose in fertilization in women, do not join to the ovaries directly while the fallopian tubes are often depicted colorful medicine pictures we knew.

As a matter of fact, the fallopian tubes move before ovulation each month and open into the peritoneal or abdominal cavity very close to the ovaries. It is a connection channel by tubes between ovaries and the uterus.

The journey of baby begins from an ovary for an egg by the fallopian tubes, which it is transfered into the uterus to develop into a fetus. The egg does not merely slide down to the uterus, if it does not work of the tubes to transfer egg, so that it is termed as fallopian tube obstruction.

It has been captured pictures of the fallopian tubes lying on top of the uterus on the female reproductive system, rather than next to each side of the uterus. There are evidences that the they are not the static tubes on the women reproductive system. Therefore, the tubes hunt for the egg in the period of the ovulation, which push the egg down the tube by using tiny follicles.


If fallopian tube obstruction occurred, the opportunity to get pregnant would lower the fertility for women. The fertilization problems can be very challenging because the obstruction for both tubes. The surgery of treat fallopian tube obstruction may help clear blockages opening and returning full function to blocked fallopian tubes including hydrosalpinx, allowing eggs to move freely and date with sperms again, meanwhile women restore slower and higer risks after gynecological surgery.

Beside, many women with fallopian tube obstruction choose to have pregnancy in vitro fertilization (IVF) that one or more fertilized eggs directly run into the uterus. The procedure of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) let sperm directly into the uterus via a catheter. However, it is impossible to make pregnancy if the fallopian tubes are blocked cause of sperm and eggs are unable to meet each other, and misuse of IUI for women with blocked tubes.

It also has traditionally Chinse herbal medicine as non-surgical physical therapy to treat the blockage instead of fallopian tubal surgery. Nowsday it is more cost-effective, less risk, and immediate results to treat blockage by herbal medicine treatment. Alternative method, physical therapy of herbal medicine such as Fuyan Pill, also used to return function to fallopian tube obstruction in some women that doctor diagnoses it to use physical therapy. A patented natural herbal medicine for treatment of fallopian tube obstruction, Fuyan Pill is used to treat female reproductive system and multiple gynecological diseases.

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