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Do you still remember the super gonorrhea in the US and Norway? The first patient who got super gonorrhea in the US was a young lady. Doctors said the possibility of being infected by the virus may be stronger than AIDS, super gonorrhea can infect more people in a short time.

Recently, there are more and more super cell or super virus. Are they real or fake? Dr. Li Xiaoping, the founder of Wuhan Dr. Lee's Clinic, graduated from Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China. She said the concept super gonorrhea is not very correct, for gonorrhea is caused by diplococcus, not virus. Cell and virus are totally two different pathogenic microorganism, so the news of super gonorrhea maybe a hype.

In the past years, people were challenged by super cells for several times, later they made new drugs to cure the cells. Dr Li Xiaoping said in order to fight with pathogenic microorganism, people make new antibiotics, but cells can adjust to the environment of drugs and variations occur, stronger cells are formed and the process will be repeated again and gain in the future. She said the appearance of super cells and super virus is a warning for us, we shouldn't use too much antibiotics, since the studies of new antibiotics are slower than variations of cells and virus.


What is super gonorrhea? It is a gonorrhea called PPNG, it can be caused by gonococcus which has drug resistance to penicillin. The virus were found by scientists in the US and UK in 1976 and spreads all over the world, but most of them are in Southeast Asia. Super gonorrhea may be caused by taking drugs blindly or incomplete treatment, which means don't pay attention to the dose of antibiotics and don't get enough courses of treatment, then the disease relapses, at the same time pathogen has drug resistance to antibiotics. Once there is drug resistance, gonorrhea which has no drug resistance will have it instead, but drug-resistant bacteria grows faster than the making of antibiotics, so super gonorrhea damages patients' health a lot.

Common production inspection includes check of VDRL of syphilis, but it doesn't have check of gonorrhea, so if a pregnant woman has gonorrhea, when giving birth to a baby girl, gonorrhea may enters cervix through vagina, then spreads to fallopian tubes and cause inflammation, abscess or blockage there, in the future, the woman will have infertility. Serious inflammations include smelly discharge in vulva of baby girl and keratitis. Gonorrhea is often ignored by women in Taiwan, for over 80% of them don't have any symptom, gonorrhea dies easily outside the body, so a little carelessness can make the report false negative. The result can also be influenced by antibiotics taken by a patient before getting the check. Diagnosis of gonorrhea is bacterial culture, for diagnosis of syphilis, serum will be collected.

How to cure super gonorrhea? There are five ways:

  1. Take a big dose of rtsoxacin orally.
  2. Get an injection of enough new generation of cephalosporin.
  3. Get an intramuscular injection of 2-4g spetinomycin.
  4. Get a enough injection of aminoglycoside.
  5. Fuyan Pill as an alternative treatment which is made of Chinese herbs, it has no drug resistance or side effect so patients are cured within several months usually.
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