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IVF patients can be highly educated, independent and mature but coping with the treatment can be a daunting task. A failed IVF cycle can be heart-breaking for them even after understanding the details of IVF and how flaky the results can be.

The patients usually feel stuck in their situation. It worries them whether they should go through the cycle all over again or should they give up? Whether their eggs are healthy enough or should they go for donor eggs? Some often refuse to believe that they are infertile and consider donor eggs a stigma. But it is important for them to understand and accept their infertility and realise the importance and timely acceptance of surrogacy, donor eggs and adoption.

Unfortunately many patients believe that the doctor would have answers for their entire question and will make advising for them. But in reality, the decision is in the couple's hands.


It is also crucial for such couples to be absolutely sure of their decision. Exercises like meditation can help them not only get over their distress, but also help them clear their minds to help them decide how to move forward given their condition. Also, it is necessary that the patients follow their gut and heart and decide instead of considering social standards and stigmas before making their decision.

It is almost impossible for the doctor to come to a decision for the patients. Everyone's thinking process, sources and situations are different, and hence their decisions would be different too. Patients need to consider this fact and instead of expecting the doctor to decide for them, they should choose their own answer. It is true that taking a considerably big decision as this can be very difficult. However, if someone is opting for IVF treatment, they must be prepared to face failure during the process and with the fact that there are chances they might have to opt for another option.

The good news is that there are hospitals in India that can help patients post IVF treatment failure. One of the best IVF centres in Pune, Indira IVF treatment centre boasts of the most informative and helpful sessions and IVF specialists in India who council and give useful tips for couple facing problems like infertility or a failed IVF cycle.

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