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Endometriosis is a gynecological disease in which the tissue lining inside of the uterus (the endometrium) grows outside the uterus. Some typical causes of it include retrograde menstruation, endometrial cell transport, immune system disorders, surgical scar implantation, embryonic cell growth and environmental factors.

The number of women who infect with this disease is increasing every year. It often occurs with many unberable symptoms, but its main symptoms are pelvic pain and infertility. Then a question asked by many patients who suffer from endometriosis and really hate doing surgery comes- can the endometriosis be eliminated by changing lifestyle?

The answer is of course “no”, for lifestyle change can only help to reduce the discomfort of endometriosis and its symptoms. However,endometriosis is still there, lifestyle change couldn't drive it away.

It is well known that lifestyle changes including regular exercise and healthy diet can reduce the risk of a woman infecting with it. If possible, the inclusion of regular exercise into daily life by women can help to increase their health and manage some symptoms of it. But all lifestyle changes focus merely on pain reduction, symptom controlling, health increasing, improvement of endometriosis, and so on, but not elimination of the disease, let alone the complete elimination.


Furthermore, it has been shown in several studies that lifestyle change is only a part in the course of complete eradication of endometriosis, taking subsidiary function in the treatment for endometriosis and preventing the recurrence of such disease in no way. Therefore, in order to radically eliminate the disease, women with endometriosis shall not pin their hope on lifestyle changes.

Then after the patients who reject surgery learn the fact that lifestyle change, except for a more positive improvement in endometriosis, can't eliminate it from root, what should they do?

Well, the best treatment for endometriosis is the herbal treatment coexisting with lifestyle change. A study by Southampton University titled Chinese Herbal Medicine For Endometriosis proved that Chinese herbal medicine is more effective in eliminating it than mainstream treatments are and has no side effects. Besides, the herbal medicine like fuyan pill made of pure natural herbs has antidotal effect, which can kill a various kinds of bacteria, virus, mycobacterium tuberculosis, mycoplasma, chlamydia as well as eliminate such disease in three months or so.

In a word, herbal treatment such as taking fuyan pill along with lifestyle change is best choice for patients with endometriosis to eliminate the disease completely.

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