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Endometritis is a common gynecological disease, there are a lot of the cause of endometritis, but also are a lot of the dangers of it, so endometritis will affect menstruation?

There are some patients with endometritis, in menstrual symptoms, found out the symptom of it. But, it's not easy to find its symptoms. The expert points out; many patients with it also had no obvious symptoms during menstrual period, only until the aggravation of this disease can be found the symptom of this disease from the pain.

Endometritis will affect the normal metabolism of endometrial so that affects women's menstrual cycle and normal menstrual quantity. That is why a lot of patients will have the symptoms of abnormal menstruation quantity. The main symptom of acute endometritis is fever and persistent abdominal pain, lumbar acid, increased leucorrhoea quantity with water samples and have a bad smell. If didn't treat it in time or thoroughly, acute endometritis will be converted into chronic endometritis.

It is a kind of frequently-occurring disease among childbearing age women, which is often cause dysmenorrhea, sexual intercourse pain and infertility. Endometritis will affect the normal metabolism, menstrual cycle and menstrual quantity, which affects women who have this disease with the symptom of abnormal menstruation quantity.


According to the condition and the severity of disease, it can be divided into acute endometritis and chronic endometritis. The main symptoms of acute endometritis are fever, persistent abdominal pain, lumbar acid, abnormal leucorrhoea with a bad smell.

Chronic endometritis is mainly show as irregular menstruation, menstrual extension, and ventral pain. Leucorrhea is purulent accompanied by bad smell and low heat. It is closely related to menstrual health and sexual disorder. It is also relate to intrauterine operation, some caused by postpartum infection. Also can be made of endometrial polyps and submucous myoma, they can make menstruation incompletely discharge, and then cause secondary infection.

When the body's immune function disorder, the hidden diseases in women's body will multiply, the symptoms of it will appear at this time. If you want to prevent the bacteria multiply, female friends have to enhance resistance of your body and prevent colds and other diseases at the same time.

If you are suffering from endometritis, Fuyan pills in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a good curative effect on treatment of it, it can clear out the heat and toxic materials, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, help women deal with the pain.

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