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Pelvic fluid can be divided into two types, respectively are physiologic type and pathological type. Because the physiologic fluid makes no difference on patients' health, so the doctors always suggest no treatment after examination. However, for the other type, pathological fluid is mainly caused by the aggregation of pelvic effusion, which will cause greater damage. So, these patients need to receive timely treatment. As for the recent treatment towards pelvic fluid, antibiotics are often exerted in clinic, but work little, thus many patients might have a repeated outbreak. Then, these patients tend to seek some folk prescriptions. In that way, what folk prescriptions can cure pelvic effusion?

These so-called folk prescriptions are always created from the basic theory of TCM, which are some small prescriptions that circulating for so long among the people. The cardinal symptoms of pelvic effusion perform as the pain and distention in the lower abdomen, pain in the lumbosacral region, the menstrual disorder, etc. Based on these specific symptoms of different patients, the prescriptions can be partitioned to the categories of “morbid leucorrhea”, “hypogastric pain”, “low back pain”. Because pelvic effusion always follows chronic inflammatory diseases, which is considered as the result from the wet blood stasis restrained in the lower energizer, so the related therapies should possess the functions of not only promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis but also clearing heat and promoting diuresis.



In fact, there are lots of folk prescriptions about pelvic effusion. For instance, the ancient method, hot compress with coarse salt and onion, can relief some syndromes of pelvic effusion patients; the other methods like the exertion of moxibustion towards baliao acupoint, foot bath with folium artemisiae argyi, hot bags pressing on the lower abdomen by padding mashed garlic, etc, also have some help. These folk prescriptions, though helpful, could only relive some symptoms but achieve the purpose of cure, in the most of cases.

If you want to eradicate your pelvic effusion disease, except eliminating the symptom, the clearance of your potential focus is of the most importance, which leads to a high requirement of the prescription. For this reason, the patients could take the complete Chinese medicine-Fuyan pill, a prescription summarized the decades of clinical experience by veteran physician in TCM, which enjoys a very good effect.

Fuyan pill is composed by dozens of herbal medicine with the functions of heat-clearing and detoxicating, activating blood to remove stasis, invigorating spleen to remove dampness. For the treatment of pelvic effusion, the rationale exertion of honeysuckle, bupleurum, radix glycyrrhizae could eliminate the varies bacteria within 1 to 3 courses of treatment and remove the focus from the source; the herbal materials with the function of heat-clearing and damp-drying is conducive to the elimination of hydrops; the combination use of red flower and peach seed could relieve the varies belly feelings among women, and eliminate the lesion of pelvic cavity. The Fuyan pill, comp rehensive treatment, is authorized by the national patent that the patients could safely use.

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