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Mummy Makeover is a combination of varied surgical methods which aim to rectify the damages to the physical appearance caused by childbirth. It is also referred to by the terms “Post-Baby Bodies” or “Mommy Makeover”. It is targeted at women of reproductive age who have just had children and it aims to correct two sections of the body which are affected almost always due to advancing age and pregnancy – the abdomen and the breast. Mummy makeover Sydney typically consists of the following operative techniques:

Breast Lift

The breasts undergo full development during maternity. After childbirth and breast feeding babies, women find their breasts sagging, nipples drooping and aureolas stretched. All these physical alterations can be rectified with the aid of mastopexy, which is a breast-lift surgical technique. It can be performed by removing the excess amount of skin and making the adjoining tissues tightened. The process might not be assistive in reducing breast size, but can assist in lifting the breasts and making them firmer.

Breast Reduction


A breast lift surgery is not sufficient in getting the breast size reduced, given that breast swell and become fuller in shape and size following childbirth. It is a better idea to try breast reduction due to this reason. It is ideal for new mothers who wish to have smaller, slimmer breasts, or those having breasts of extra-large size. The process consists of tightening the skin as well as surgical removal of glandular tissues and fat. It can eliminate various issues associated to low self-confidence, breathing troubles, rashes, defective posture and increased breast size. As the operation consists of removing the milk ducts, it is not advisable for women who want to feed breast milk to their babies. Women are recommended to go through this type of operation at least 9 months following the birth of their first baby.

Tummy Tuck

The abdomen is the section where changes are most visible after childbirth. A straighter waistline, protruding tummy, loose skin and stretch marks are some of these visible changes. It is tough to correct these changes with dieting or exercises. In cosmetic clinic Sydney, these changes can be quickly corrected with abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck surgery. The method consists of removing excess amount of skin, making the waistline more defined, removing stretch marks and tightening the adjoining muscles. However, this method is not preferable for women who wish to deliver another child as it can end up making the skin loose.


During maternity and even after childbirth, excess fat get deposited in body areas like arms, waist, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. The process of liposuction can help remove unwanted fat from these spots. Liposuction involves varied methods, such as Suction-Assisted Lipectomy (SAL) and Ultrasound-Assisted Lipectomy (UAL). Both methods consist of injecting a fluid into the targeted section which can degenerate the layer of fat. Following this, fat is sucked out. It is important to undergo this surgery only with the help of a plastic surgeon certified by the board and having enough experience in conducting mummy makeover surgery.

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