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Bad odor in female genitals can be irritating and interfering with normal conjugal life of a woman. It is normal to have some kind of odor around the genitals but sometimes the smell is too nasty to keep the man away. Sometimes, certain changes in smell of the region can indicate change in the timing of the menstrual cycle, and this may not be a serious condition. In certain cases, the woman feels the smell even when the partner does not find any odor. If the odor is strongly unpleasant, it indicates infection of serious kind. Women who want to know how to get rid of bad odor in vagina without using strong chemicals can take holistic treatments. Taking home remedies to get rid of bad odor in vagina and reducing infections in the region, helps in rebalancing the natural composition of the body part, without any side effects.

Women suffering from medical conditions such as diabetes or infections of the pelvic region can suffer from abnormal discharge. Easy way for women who want to know how to get rid of bad odor in vagina is to apply home remedies. Home remedies to get rid of bad odor in vagina such as Vg-3 tablets provide simple method which can reduce these problems successfully. It contains herbs which are rich in antioxidants and bio active compounds that can cure problems of female genitals.



Quercus Infectoria is one of the ingredients in the above mentioned tablet. It is also known as Gall Nut and Downy Oak. It is widely acclaimed for its properties for curing heavy monthly bleeding in women. The article related to the herb published in 2008 in Internet Journal of Pharmacology approved its properties of treating dryness and itchiness of the female genitals. The bioactive compounds in the herb such as tannic acid (gallo-tannic acid) is said to be effective in regulating the problem of diarrhea and dysentery in people. It regulates bowel movement and works as gastrointestinal toner. Especially women who suffer from dullness and dryness of female organs after childbirth can apply the herbal extract to enhance the energy level and nourishment of the organ.

Inflammation to the cervix is the condition which happens normally in middle-aged women and the symptoms of the condition are bleeding, pain and inflammation in the reproductive organs. Excess intake of antibiotics can cause disruption in its normal composition of the area and it can even cause the flow of smelly fluids from the region. Stress and anxiety can also cause the release of fluid from the female genitals which can cause extreme inconvenience. These factors can be effectively controlled by taking the right kind of home remedies to get rid of bad odor in vagina as provided by the above mentioned tablets. The best ways for women who want to know how to get rid of bad odor in vagina is to insert the herbal tablets in the female opening before lovemaking. The tablets also offer safe and natural methods to prevent bad odor in the female genitals.

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