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Endometrial thickening is a harmful disease in women. It's easy to cause inflammation, anemia and infertility. It can even lead to endometrial atypical hyperplasia. Patients can suffer from the symptoms like menstrual disorder, oligomenorrhea, abnormal vaginal bleeding and amenorrhea. This kind of disease has a tendency to become cancerous, so it's necessary to get treatment timely. Here are some alternative treatments and preventions that can help you get rid of it as early as possible.

Treatments of endometrial thickening

1.Mild patients or patients who have fertility requirements with abnormal endometrial thickening can take medicines like ovulation inducing drugs or progestational hormone. However, in the treatment of endometrial thickening, it's essential to avoid the side effects. It will make heavy damage if female patients use ovulation inducing drugs or progestational hormone for a long time.


2.For women with repeated endometrial thickening or menopausal women, it usually have curettage surgery or subtotal hysterectomy. Get a curettage surgery is just like have an abortion, the harm is unavoidable. The subtotal hysterectomy is the last choice if there is no greater treatments.

3. Patients with simple endometrial thickening or complex endometrial thickening can choose conservative Chinese traditional medicine Fuyan Pill. Fuyan Pill is made from natural herbs. Compared with ovulation inducing drugs or progestational hormone, it has no side effects, patients can be at ease. In addition, with the properties of clearing away heat and toxic materials, promoting the circulation of blood and Qi, resisting hyperplasia and fibrosis, Fuyan Pill can efficiently eliminate varieties of bacteria, virus, mycoplasma and chlamydia infection. It's also beneficial to regulate menstruation and ease the pain. Women with endometrial thickening can be cured efficacious.

Preventions of endometrial thickening

Women who are fat or use hormone drugs for a long time have the high risk of getting endometrial thickening, so it's necessary to keep the weight. Don't be picky about food and lose weight. It's effective to prevent endometrial thickening by avoiding using hormone drugs. Besides, it's essential to do well in the prevention of endometrial thickening if the patient choose surgery treatment, such as taking oral contraceptive or using intrauterine device to protect the endometrium.

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