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As is known to most women, endometrial thickness is a common gynecological disease in woman, which may cause severe pain to patients if it cannot be effectively controlled. In order to avoid the disease bringing unnecessary trouble, every woman needs to know more about endometrial thickness treatment in daily life. Thus helping patients to prevent the occurrence of this condition and to control the aggravation of this condition is inevitable.

Good personal hygiene.

First of all, to prevent endometrial thickness, good personal hygiene is an essential way, such as taking contraception measures, avoiding unprotected sexual intercourse; wearing the loose cotton underwear, changing underwear every day, washing your vagina every day with warm water.

Endometrial thickness diet

Secondly, a healthy and nutritional endometrial thickness diet also matters a lot. For endometrial thickness patients, there are several taboos in daily diet. They should stay away from peppery or greasy food such as onion, pepper, fried potato and so on. Women also have to avoid goods like leek, ginger, mutton, cock and so on.


Since there are so many foods that women with this condition cannot eat, women should eat more fruits and vegetables. Recommended foods are: Chinese cabbage, cucumber, celery, lotus root, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, tomato, potato, mushroom, mushroom, cabbage, green beans, pumpkin, eggplant, wax gourd

Effective medication therapy

In addition to the two that are used to prevent endometrial thickness, it is time for women to know some ways to control or to exterminate the endometrial thickness. Women can take surgery to control the aggravation of this condition or take herbal medicine to eliminate this disease.

Surgery is the most commonly used treatment for endometrial thickness. This treatment is more common for women who are old and after menopause, because they don't need to give birth and their ovaries are out of functions.

If women who are young and still have the requirement of giving birth, she is better to choose herbal medicine. Take one herbal medicine named Fuyan pill for example. This Fuyan pill is good at curing this condition.

Fuyan pill has lots of amazing functions such as promoting blood circulation, dissolving stasis, dissipating hard lumps and so on. What's more, Fuyan pill which created by Dr. Lee from Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM clinic is a result of her 30 years of clinical experience in this field. This herbal medicine has no drug resistance and also won't bring damages to organs like liver or kidney. Therefore, Fuyan pill is one of the best treatments of endometrial thickness.

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