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Cervicitis -the Knowledge and Signs you should learn

Cervicitis, we can see clearly it is an inflammation in a cervix. Its coming can bring the hurts to women, especially those who want to be pregnancy. Because the disease will cause female miscarriage and infertility (Cervicitis can hinder the sperm successfully to meet with the egg), even sometimes the infection may pass down the newborn baby, then eye and others infections can produce even and blindness is also possible. Knowing about these terrible harms, it becomes necessary to learn its knowledge and symptoms to prevent and treat them.

Firstly, let's talk about the symptoms.

It is well-known Cervicitis is a common gynecological disease, which can be divided into two kinds: one is acute cervicitis, the other is chronic cervicitis. Their mainly symptoms consist of the following:

Abnormal vaginal bleeding may occur (after intercourse, between periods)

Unusually vaginal discharge is with a yellow, gray color, having the odor.

Pains will come while your intercourse

The sensation of itching and burning in and around the vagina you may feel.

Other pains such as back, pelvis pains will trouble you.


Generally Speaking, if the patient has a cervicitis, acute cervicitis is found firstly, if untreated, it will be turned into the chronic one. What is worthy for us to notice, owing to a mild symptom and discomfort, most patients do not basically care even ignore it. As a result, the inflammation and infection get out of the control, then the more terrible effects disturb you, such as: fever, nausea, etc. And the infection caused by Cervicitis will also spread slowly to the other parts of the reproductive organs. Absolutely, it can take an obstruction in the road of conceiving.

Secondly, what are the causes for the disease?

According to the analysis of causes for the disease among the patients, its main reasons source from an infection caught by sexual activity – Sexually Transmitted Disease.(includes Chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital herpes and Trichomoniasis.).Next, this is another cause -Contraceptives, especially those that can be implanted into human body. This is also key cause. Sometimes, some stupid doings will become the killer, such as : leave a tampon and forget it in the vagina for some time, these can create a big havoc to the whole system.

Finally, Prevention & Treatment

After knowing about the disease, we should combine the methods of prevention and treatment to going away the disease.

Avoid of some chemical irritants (douches and deodorant tampons)

Pay much more attention on sexual hygiene (stopping the intercourse with infected partner and refrain the sexual times)

Make sure not to ignore any symptoms of pain and discomfort in the vaginal area and consult immediately with the doctor.

Meanwhile, drugs will be a better choice. Western medicine: Antibiotics can take a certain effect in some time, but its drug resistant and drug tolerance is not very good for the treatment. But the Chinese Medicine named “Fuyan Pill” is different ,it is a conservative way to heal, its unique formula with its detoxifying function can kill a variety of bacteria ,viruses and pathogens, them eliminate the cervicitis. And With the features of no drug resistant, no drug tolerance and no side-effects, especially for its effect of treating ,thus it is very familiar among the patients.

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