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In recent years, the surrogacy becomes a delightful option for infertile couples in the world of fertility treatment making it legally possible to pursue their dream of having own baby with the help of surrogate mother.

Surrogacy today becomes the latest reason for infertile people to travel to foreign countries after medical tourism and sightseeing. This fertility treatment could be of great help in case where woman is unable to produce a baby either due to the missing uterus or other fertility issues. Surro gacy is often a third party arrangement in which eggs from the intended woman and sperm from intended man is taken and externally fertilized in the laboratory under certain environmental conditions. The resulting laboratory developed embryo is then transferred to the surrogate's womb, woman who plays a key role in the entire arrangement by carrying the pregnancy up to its whole term. In some exceptional cases, the donor's eggs and sperm are used to form an embryo.

Surrogacy: A Miracle for Infertile Couples

The surrogacy tourism is touching the sky worldwide and this time thanks to increasing infertile couples who are willingly opt surrogacy as an option for their infertility. Numbers of infertile couples have started seeking less costly surrogacy arrangement. Fertility clinics in India, Thailand and Mexico like country specialize in wide range of fertility treatments including IVF, ICSI, Artificial Insemination and many more.

Additionally there are plenty of surrogacy clinics for childless couples and LGBT couples offering best care facilities in these countries. India particularly becomes an international leader in terms of surro gacy tourism. The country is the land of opportunity for infertile people as well as for singles having dream of their own baby and thanks to hassle free treatment journey, easy availability of surrogates, cheaper cost of treatment procedure and fewer legal issues in this newly industrialized and developing Asian country.


According to the stats, more than 2 million babies are born via sur rogacy worldwide. As per the estimation in India, around 1500 babies are born every year successfully for domestic and foreign people. Separated from the simplicity and cost of technique, an alternate element that gave a huge help to surrogacy tourism is the legislation of sur rogacy. As the laws are so intricate and prohibitive in numerous European and Western nations, various cheerful folks are turning to different nations where surrogates are allowed to get cash in return for renting their wombs.

Surrogacy Laws in Different Countries

Each country has its own regulations and laws regarding the fertility treatments and surrogacy program and its commercialization.

In countries like Germany, Netherlands, Egypt, France and in few states of United States, the surrogacy is often considered as a criminalized paid surrogacy, just because of the concerns that women in these countries may be forced to rent their womb as surrogates.

States of United States have different laws for surro gacy as some supports this treatment and some are against it such as Michigan, Arizona, Utah, New York, Mexico and Washington are the states where the practice of paid surrogacy have restricted. However in New Zealand surroga cy without any payment to surrogate is lawful. India is the foremost country that allows commercial surrogacy without any legal issue. That is the main reason why several people seek surrogacy in India.

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