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Hydrosalpinx is a relatively common type of chronical tubal phlegmonosis before it develops into salpingitis. It happens when there are synechia and atresia, or secretions of mucosal cells accumulated in the lumina,or when there is synechian between oviduct spondylolysis and fimbria as a result of salpingitis, which is then jammed to form pyosalpinx. As the pus cells within the lumen are absorbed,it consequently forms watery liquid ,and there are also times when the liquid is absorbed until it becomes a empty shell,which manifests a hydrops shadow under radiography.

Environmental factors: feculent sexual life, excessive sex or a potential infection of salpingitis as a result of sexual intercourse in menstrual periods, which could later develop into hydrosalpinx.

Physiological factors: improper abortion or parturition, attached infections may set in postpartum, or after the abortion and menstruation, or secretions of mucosal cells accumulated in the lumina,or when there is synechia between oviduct spondylolysis and fimbria, gradually forming salpingitis.

Disease-related factors: infections caused by the inflammatory neighboring organs or tissues generally including cervicitis, endometritis,retrograde infection,etc, embodied in inflammations of the reproductive tract,also the suppurative appendicitis, peritonitis expanding into the pelvic cavity reproductive organs such as the fallopian tube.

The possible and effective treatments for hydrosalpinx may be as follows:

1.the oviduct fimbria colostomy


Tubal colostomy surgery is suitable for patients with smooth proximal tubal patency and distant water blocking.

2.Tubal ovarian adhesion lysis

As for the adhesion between the ovary and oviduct, especially the adhesion of tubal fimbria, much care should be put in.injury to the surface of the ovary should be avoided otherwise new adhesion will be formed after surgery.

3.Tubal root amputation.

The most appropriate choice for hydrosalpinx patients is ligation of fallopian tubal roots to completely avoid hydrosalpinx into the uterine cavity, and then operate auxiliary delivery. On account of no harm to the uterus, the auxiliary delivery treatments can be carried out soon after operations. However, the artificially-closed fallopian tube can not help in the course of natural pregnancy, so the operation should be practiced with the receivers well informed.

The exceptional effect of the Fuyan pills in the course of treatment.

Ingredients: wholly nature-based and no side effects. It is mainly composed of radixbupleuri, poria cocos, radix scutellariae, fructus gardeniae, atractylodes, yam, rhizoma atractylodis, talc, angelica, peach kernel, safflower, radix glycyrrhizae, radix aucklandiae, yanhusuo, honeysuckle,medicinal materials, etc. To cure these diseases, of course, the effect of Fuyanwan also must conforms to the requirements of TCM in the treatment of gynecopathy. Such as the symptons like patient's belly pain and blood work, etc., in the view of traditional Chinese medicine ,they are associated with the qi and blood stasis resistance, which is needed to promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis effect of drugs on the treatment, in this respect, peach kernel, angelica, safflower, etc are added for promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis drugs. Security and non-flip side can be guaranteed for sake of patients.

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