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Nowadays it has been seen that coupe menstruelle has become very famous and many women have started using it throughout the world. Nowadays it has been seen that coupe menstruelle has become very famous and many women have started using it throughout the world.Among the options like sanitary pads, tampons, etc at the time of menstruation menstrual cups are in great demand. On top of that it has been notices that these cups are better than that of tampons and sanitary pads which are not good for the environment and body.

Lot of women is making use of these cups and it is recommended that you begin to use it through the professionals. There are many reasons to this and before you take a decision of using or not using it is wise on your part to know the reasons. Is it significant for you to be familiar to the reasons? When you know why majority of the women make use of menstrual cups you will be able to decide whether you use it or not.

Why do women love using the cup menstruelle during their periods? Why have so many women refused to use the tampons as well as sanitary pads and chosen coupe menstruelle?


All women will have their own reasons however there will be many more reasons which is very common.Cup menstruelle can be used for many years as long as ten years. This saves you a lot of money as you can use the cups for a longer time say a year if not ten years. It will be less expensive than that of buying sanitary pads and tampons each month.There is no need for you to throw away the coupelle menstruelle after every use just like sanitary disposable pads and tampons. Due to this it does not harm environment and assists to lessen down dust. These cups do not contribute to make the surrounding dirty.

These menstrual cups do not even cause toxic shock syndrome. It is mainly a severe situation that is the results of using tampons for long period.Usually coupelle menstruelle is made out of rubber. Hence it will not lead to fibres dangers that get into vagina which is due to using tampons.You can prefer to use cups during the night time. On top of that you can prefer using these when you are swimming or doing yoga.Through the use of coupe menstruelle you can check your flow at the time of menstruation as it gets collected rather than getting absorbed such as sanitary pads and tampons.

These cups contain more menstrual fluid when compared to the tampon and thus require changing less often than sanitary pads and tampons as well.The cup will gather all the menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it and so they do not get on the way through vaginal environment like that of the tampons.At the time these cups are rightly inserted, they are so comfortable as well as reliable that you forget they are inside your body.The menstruation cups are less likely to be the cause the dryness as well as thrush that a few women experience with sanitary pads and tampons.

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