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What is PID?

PID, which is short for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, is an inflammation disease at female pelvic reproductive organ, connective tissue around the uterus and pelvic peritoneum. It can cause tubal, ovarian, uterus and peripheral vein inflammation, which will bring the narrowing of lumen or atresia, so that the eggs, sperms or amphicytulas pass will be blocked. Finally it makes women become infertility. If a woman gets PID, she will be under a great pressure, not only physically, but also psychologically. So we are calling on every woman to pay more attention to the symptoms of PID, it needs timely detection and right treatment.

Well, you will ask how this disease happens. Let's see all the possibilities to get PID.

1 Infection after labor or abortion

After delivery, maternal body is weak, cervix is open for outflow of lochia and not closed in time, there is still stripping surface of uterine cavity in uterus, or the childbirth caused injury of birth canal, or retained placenta and membranes, etc. And festinate sexes after the postpartum, which cause the pathogen invades the uterine cavity, and easily cause infection;

The infection caused by longtime bleeding in vaginal or the tissue residues kept in the uterine cavity during spontaneous abortion, medical abortion process.


And also the manipulation of abortion operation is not strict, which will bring the patient infection after abortion.

2 Intrauterine infections after operation

The operations such as placing or taking out IUD, curettage, hydrotubation, HSG, hysteroscopy, submucous uterine myoma enucleation can cause the Inflammation by the sexual life before operation or operation disinfection not strict or preoperative adaptation selection, operation after acute infection and diffusion

3 Unclean living habits during period

If you do not pay attention to menstrual health, such as using unclean sanitary napkin, having bath in the bathtub or having sex during this time, it can make pathogens invade the body and cause inflammation.

Don't be scared! We have a way to treat it.

PID is definitely reversible! It can be cured by Fuyan Pill, which is the best choice for treatment of PID. Fuyan Pill is developed by Dr. Lee Xiaoping who has 30 years' experience of treatment in Gynecology. It is very effective without side effect. It moves the inflammation away, promotes the blood circulation to remove blood stasis and adhesion. Fuyan Pill global.fuyanpills.com/Fuyan_pill helps a lot of PID patients. After they have Fuyan Pill, the PID has gone. Couples who are eager to have a baby got pregnant after taking Fuyan pill for 3 months. This great achievement makes Fuyan Pill the first choice for Chinese medicine treatment for pelvic inflammatory disease.

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