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The factors leading to the high incidence of cervicitis are various in modern time. The female reproductive system gets full mature always at 24-26 years old. However, too many female may have sexual life too earlier or even have multiple sexual partners. It will make the body have too much antigen stimulation and create immune function disorder accordingly. If one experiences multiple abortion, gets mycoplasma and chlamydia infectio, or creates varying degrees of cervical laceration during childbirth and abortion, it will open the door for bacteria to invade into the body and lead to cervicitis.

Cervicitis, as a common gynaecological disease with high incidence, is recurrent and is difficult to cure completely. This disease is always a difficult medical problem troubling lots of gynecologist and cervicitis patients. According to relevant statistics, the incidence of cervicitis disease continues to increase year by year at present. As a result, it has become very important for women to protect the uterus.


Due to the stimulation of inflammation, the local secretions will increase and cervicitis may be easily caused by inflammatory secretions of the cervix in long-term condition. If not treated, some cervical lesions can be caused for serious cases. In addition, lack of knowledge in women about the vagina flushing is also one of the causes of cervicitis.


In fact, it's not difficult to cure cervicitis. As the saying goes, the root should be cured for curing one disease. The problem will be solved from the root basis if one confronts the disease correctly and chooses appropriate treatment. The treatments for cervicitis include antibiotics, herbal medicine, etc. However, antibiotics can't relieve all the symptoms and may cause drug resistance. So, herbal medicines maybe an alternative option like Fuyan Pill which is made from Chinese herbs without any side effects and drug resistance.

Some tips on cervicitis prevention

  1. Keep the vulva clean, especially during the menstrual period, puerperal period and after abortion to avoid getting infection.
  2. Bath in a tub, exual intercourse and vaginal flush should be avoided before the cervical wound heals completely.
  3. One should minimize the cervical injury because of induced abortion and other gynecological surgeries and try to repair the cervical laceration promptly after postpartum.
  4. Do gynecological tests on a regular basis to detect cervicitis in time and get treatment as soon as possible. Avoid some stimulating food such as fish and shrimp during treatment.
  5. Try to keep a light diet and eat more fruit and vegetables. Pay attention to rest properly.
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