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What is interstitial cystitis?

Interstitial cystitis (interstitial cystitis, IC), also known as Hunner 's ulcer, is a rare and special type of autoimmune chronic cystitis.Interstitial cystitis often occurs among middle-aged women. Its characteristics are mainly the fibrosis of the bladder wall accompanied by bladder capacity reduction with the characteristic symptoms of frequent micturition (usually once every 10 minutes), urgent urination, pressure or pain in urinary bladder area or pelvic area.And symptoms usually last more than one year.The lesion will have its bad implications penetrated across the entire layer of bladder accompanied by mucosal swelling,congestion and fractures and ulceration, the latest of which frequently appeared in anterior wall or at the top layer.Disease period will be within 3-5 years or longer,typical performance as the as the disease began to fall in a rampant development, then stabilized, even if there is no possible treatment for that, there will be no obvious deterioration related to it.

The differential diagnosis

1. Acute cystitis

Characterized by bladder-stimulus symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency and odynuria. But often terminal hematuria with a large number of leukocytes within urine, bacteria can be found in the process of urine culture.

2. Glandularis

characterized by frequent urination, urgency,odynuria and bladder irritation symptoms.But bladder wall thickening or space-occupying lesions in bladder can be found through B ultrasonic examination, visible nipples under cystoscope rather than a superficial ulceration, which can be specifically examined through biopsy diagnosis.

3. The bladder tuberculosis


True ulceration can be displayed which often involves renal tuberculosis around the ureteral orifice. Considerable tuberculosis bacillus can be found in urinalysis.

4. Parasitic disease caused by bladder ulceration.

Which is similar to the performance of the interstitial cystitis, which usually appears among men. Diagnosis can be made through according to the eggs found in the urine or the typical pathological characteristics of the bladder.

How to prevent the disease and drugs for the treatment of interstitial cystitis ?

First of all, more attention should be paid to the structure of the diet, researchers have found that foodstuff that contains the artificial sweeter and any other kind of additives can aggravate the degree of the related diseases. And some acid food may cause the bladder irritability and infection.Some patients have reported that their illness get worsen after they have some food containing the artificial additives. Therefore, it is advisable to kick off the relevant food intake for health sake.

Second, to keep a regular degree of exercises can effectively mitigate this kind of symptoms, even the slightest yawning can aid to relieve the unpalatable feeling.

Third, start off to have a healthy lifestyle. No smoking is of utmost importance to guarantee a fit body which helps to counter against your disease.

The most fundamental treatment lies in the traditional Chinese medical cure which can offer a thorough and comprehensive check for your body. It has been generally greeted with good appraisal that the chinese Fuyan pills has a steady function in the treatment of relevant diseases. In sight of the features of Chinese medicine, it will take several processes before it begins to work and then fully cure the disease, in which there is no side effect brought about. Diuretic anti-inflammatory pill is usually put into the treatment of cystitis.

First, it aids to clear out the damp-heat in lower energizer and then has an overwhelming crush on the die-hard inflammation. Second, diuretic anti-inflammation pill can help to invigorate the circulation of the blood to ease the pain of the patients. Third, the interstitial cystitis can lead to mucosal hyperplasia of fibrous tissue , while, fortunately the pills can resist this kind of hyperplasia. Therefore, diuretic anti-inflammation pills can be the best choice apart from the surgical treatment for the interstitial cystitis.

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