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IVF (In Vitro fertilization) is a reinforce reproductive technology art. It is also named as a Test Tube Baby procedure that was invented for the infertility treatment of that woman whose Fallopian tubes are critically damaged to fertilize eggs. So the very first medication is conducted to stimulate the egg of woman production. Then the eggs are recapturing and fetch from the ovaries and forming a collection with sperm in a lab dish for the fertilization. After this, the embryos are transformed into the woman's uterus. Now, In everyone mind's one question is arises that how much percent its treatment is successful or what outcomes of IVF treatment?

So the success rates can only be determined by the age of the various patients. The best result comes from those couples who are young and whose age is less than 35. From these types of young patients, The success rate of IVF was approx 32 or 33.2 % in getting pregnancy in the year 2010. And the patient whose age is above 35 and in between 40, their success rate was only 21 percent. So it's mainly depends on the age of the patients. For successful and forget the adequate treatment, it is very necessary to choose experienced and qualified surgeons. If the patient age is below 30 then there are more chances to get pregnant within the suitable three of the IVF cycles. And on the other hand the female whose age is above 40 then their chances of getting pregnant becomes reduce and the patient can only get the single treatment. It is the recommended treatment for these fertility issues and as the same time there are also various treatment options that you can take advised from your doctor for which is most suitable according to your requirements.

Now, How we discover the best doctor and the best center for treatment?

It is very essential to choose best centre. Infertility induces by many different factors and its treatments are continually developing. For this reason it is very important for you that firstly analyze and find the centre that has already satisfyingly and favorably cases similar to yours requirement. More than 75 percent of patients from all over India have already trusted on Sofat Hospital in their search for solutions to meet their various problems of infertility.


Dr. Sumita Sofat and her all team is very expertise in every advanced available treatment. They have also the various clients from Jalandhar, Amritsar and all over India.

Discover about the success chances of your treatment and confirm that this data is certified. Treatments emerge very briskly and various advance techniques. Don't be uncertain to find out the probable success of your particular treatment. you are label to know them. This all information is more necessary. Make sure it is verified by a authenticated independent creature.

Do not ignore the cost related to others. When examine the cost by comparing it, you should have to remember it in mind travel and adaptation expenses. You should also take into contemplation the need to take time off both for your partner and for yours. These supplementary costs required to be considered for.

Confidence specialists. The IVF treatment is a very complicated process where each and every step must be accurately performed and integrated. When you are deciding, I give you a advise to select a centre where at least one trustworthy and confident specialist is in charge of every departmental area.

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