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Many women suffer from thick white or yellowish discharge which happens very regularly during their fertile life. These discharges are mostly ignored but it indicates infections of the urinary tract or problems in the genitals.

Fifty-seven percent of women suffering from such itchy discharge report of sharp pain in the reproductive organs and about half of the women report of itching and inflammation. The discharge is normally linked to leucorrhoea, which happens due to the disruption in the normal bacterial growth in the female reproductive organs and cause pain and inconvenience during lovemaking to both the partners. It also causes redness, swelling and pain in the region. Medicines given by experts to cure the condition tend to completely disrupt the normal composition of the region. These medicines, sometimes, have strong side effects on the body and cause endocrine imbalance in the body. Alternatively, over-the-counter cure offered by natural supplements for leucorrhea problem works amazingly in resolving the matter effectively.

Natural supplements for leucorrhea problem are made up of herbs such as Lodhra (or Symplocos Racemonsa), Ashwagandha (or Withania Somnifera), Ashoka (or Guattaria Longifolia), Nagkesar (or Mesuaferia), Mochras (or Bombex Malabaricum) etc.


Symplocos racemosa is one of the ingredients of the natural supplements for leucorrhea problem. It is also known as lodh tree which is used in ayurvedic remedies as uterine tonic. This has numerous benefits on female organs and is also effective in reducing inconvenience in the digestive tract and controlling bleeding during the monthly flow. The glycosides in the herb when was extracted in laboratory from the ethanolic extract works as astringent which can help in resolving the problem of ulcers and damage to the internal organs. The tree has numerous other gynecological benefits and it was widely researched by leading organization for such properties. It can control menstrual flow and leucorrhoea in women. It reduces the problem of pain and inflammation. It can control the problem of stool in women caused by endocrine imbalance. It can also protect the body from bloody stools and diarrhea like conditions.

The bark of the plant works as astringent. It has anti-inflammatory components and supportive natural components which can treat the conditions of hemorrhage and ulcer. It is also effective in reducing the condition of toxin accumulation in body organs and the bloodstream; hence it is widely used in the preparation of many natural acne creams. It can improve the liver conditions and control the problems of monthly bleeding which involves excess bleeding, abnormal monthly flow, irregular flow and dysentery. The bowel complaints during the monthly flow or other phases of the menstrual cycle can be reduced by taking the herb. It also restricts gum bleeding and is normally used in the ayurvedic system of medicines to promote maturation of boils and wounds and as one of the key natural supplements for leucorrhea.

There are many other natural extracts in the natural supplements for leucorrhea problem which can effectively resolve the problems of outflow of itchy discharge from the female genitals and reduce the symptoms of pain and redness in the region in a completely natural manner.

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