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During an IVF treatment, the patients are given a dose consisting of a combination of estrogen and progesterone hormones. This dose, commonly known as an Intramuscular Progesterone Injection or IM Injection, helps to promote the growth of endometrium for proper embryo implantation. Although all IVF centers have to prescribe these hormones, yet they must note that an Intramuscular Injection is extremely uncomfortable and painful. Hence, they need to opt for other available methods by which estrogen and progesterone can be provided to the mother.

Being an oily concoction, progesterone needs to be given to the patients intramuscularly through a syringe with a thick and comparatively longer needle as compared to the commonly used syringes. This is an extremely painful procedure. Moreover, it is obsolete and has been surpassed by newer, better and much less painful methods of hormone transfer around two decades ago. Furthermore, often, the injections leave sore and tender lumps in the areas they are injected in such as the butt and front-upper thighs making it hard for women to walk or even sit. Many times, women find this injection so painful that they do not wish to go for another or even a few more IVF cycle solely because of IM Injections.

Also, since a progesterone Injection is administered intramuscularly, it becomes harder to absorb. Furthermore, since it is absorbed into the bloodstream, it is broken down by the liver before it reaches the uterus – the organ it is targeted for. This highly deprives it of its effectiveness.


One of the most cost-effective and painless process of providing sufficient amounts of progesterone to the mother's body is the use of micronized progesterone. Available in many IVF centers in Delhi, it can be given to the patient through the vagina. Not only is this nearly painless, it also results in better absorption of progesterone as it can access the uterus faster.

Best IVF doctors in Delhi claim that some doctors and specialists in most of the IVF clinics use Intramuscular Progesterone Injections on their patients and ironically, they do not empathize with the pain or discomfort of the patients. Some are absolutely unaware of the fact that the patient suffers with such excruciating pain due to the injections that they become afraid of going for another IVF cycle or IVF treatment just because of this aspect of the procedure.

As surprising as this is, it is even more shocking that many IVF patients voluntarily get progesterone injected intramuscularly, even after it has been repeatedly proven to be unnecessary for them. Why these doctors and patients still choose to go with IM Injections is unknown.

IVF specialists in Pune claim that not a single IVF expert has any argument strong enough to allow the poor patients to go through such a painful and unnecessary procedure. Thus, it is very important that patients make themselves aware about everything they could possibly learn about IVF so that they can prevent themselves from uncomfortable procedures like an IM Injection.

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