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Adenomyosis is the ectopic endometrial tissue (the inner lining of the uterus) within the myometrium (muscle of uterus).It is reported that females who have had babies at Middle Ages are at higher risk of infecting adenomyosis.

Women who suffer from adenomyosis would more like have these symptoms, such as

heavy or prolonged period, serious cramping during period, periods cramps, heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding, painful intercourse, having blood clots during menstruation, and so on.

However, these are some adenomyosis suffers also find that their have abnormal vaginal discharge. Is it true that adenomyosis could bring abnormal discharge to women? What effects could adenomyosis leave on it?


There is no doubt that adenomyosis could affect vaginal discharge. Since adenomyosis is a condition, which endometrial tissue grows into the muscular walls of the uterus? It would influence the uterus, vagina and some relative organs, so it would spleen deficiency. Once spleen deficiency occurs, abnormal discharge would always be accompanied with it.

If adenomyosis leaves effect on vaginal discharge it would change vaginal discharge's color, smell, and figure. Usually adenomyosis would bring dark red, black, and brown discharge in color. And change discharge's smell into stink odor and fishy odor. It figures would turn to tofu pulp.

So if you want to keep away from these symptoms, and won't let them bother your life, you should seek for the treatments for it in time. Common treatments, are medicines like anti-inflammatory medications, hormone medications, and surgery is always the hysterectomy. For these medicines are hardly to cure all above symptoms at the same time. And surgery would always bring great harm to patients' body.

Fortunately, there is solution for all adenomyosis symptoms. The herbal therapy “fuyan pill” which is made from natural herbs, each herb plays a different role in this pill and these herbs work together to form a formula. So this pill has functions, such as killing bacteria, eliminating inflammation, clearing heat, and promoting the blood circulation. This pill really has great effects on curing adenomyosis. Unlike antibiotics, it will not cause any side effects and drug resistance and can help women with adenomyosis get rid of its symptoms completely in a short time without recurrence.

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