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Pelvic is a connective tissue in female's reproductive organs. PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) is an enemy of women's health and a kind of serious disease that can lead to infertility. PID often occurs in female office workers, because they always need to sit for a long time and lack proper exercises which can result in pelvic congestion and get inflammation.

PID can be divided into two types, acute and chronic, which is mainly caused by infection of bacterial retrograde. However, the incidence of PID gets higher and higher now and the reasons are various. According to some research, lack of exercise can also result in PID which can be neglected by most of women.

Female occupies a large position in white-collar employees. They just sit in the office and tap on the keyboard. Due to lack of exercise for a long time with just sitting on chair and few of them will do some exercises initiatively after work, the blood circulation around the pelvic may be blocked and chronic pelvic congestion may appear gradually. By this procedure, chronic PID occurs slowly.

Of course, except for lack of exercises, PID can be also caused by other reasons. For example:

A. Menstruation is a special period for women with low immune resistance. Without proper protection and prevention, it may lead to PID.


B. Unsanitary sexual intercourse or excessive sexual intercourse can also lead to PID.

C. Excessive use of drugs. As most of drugs contain toxic materials which can reduce the immune ability of human being, taking excessive drugs can also lead to PID.

D. Extravagant clean can also cause PID because it can destroy the acidic environment around the pelvic which can result in decrease of one's immune resistance, than the bacteria can easily enter and get infection.

E. Some other diseases or abdominal surgeries can also easily cause PID.

Pelvic is an important reproductive organ for all females. It directly influences the health of women and her next generation to some extent. Prevention is the best way to protect female from getting infection. Certainly, if one suffers from PID unfortunately, some medicines are also available to treat the disease, like Fuyan Pill which is made from herbs without any side effects. However, to take some preventing measures earlier are more beneficial than getting treatments later.

Proper exercises can promote one's resistance ability and immunity. In fact, there are many kinds of exercises suitable for female, such as aerobics, yoga, swimming, etc. These exercises can not only help you prevent PID, but also help you keep in good figure and strengthen your health at the same time. Besides, those female with relatively poor physical condition can also promote her resistance ability and immunity by directly intaking some protein and vitamin C.

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