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Menstrual period always make women unpleasant, more likely to develop disturbing vaginitis. It is reported that the incidence of inflammation of Gynecological diseases in spring is more than 40% at least than winter. Experts say women who use the sanitary napkin, pads, tampons properly can protect the vagina against inflammation, but if use improperly, may become the potential “accomplice” of vaginitis.

How long sanitary napkin to change during a day?

Women should change sanitary napkin frequently, changing it every 2 ~ 3 hours a day in time at best, don't more than 4 ~ 5 hours; Even in the menstrual period also should clean vulva every day, It should be pay more attention to it in the menstrual period. Be sure to wash your hands before using sanitary napkins, in order to avoid contaminating the sanitary napkin. Sanitary pads can occasionally use a few times, but don't use every day. If use sanitary pads should regular change and keep dry.

It must see the period of validity when buying sanitary napkin, and should buy quality assured products as far as possible. Don't buy too much at once nor store for a long time. Choose cotton pads with better permeability at the same time, do not use the scent pads or it will irritate the skin.

The use of sanitary napkin has three pitfalls should avoid.

1, do not wash their hands before using sanitary napkins


In the process of tearing the package, open and paste will bring a lot of bacteria to the sanitary napkin. Female genital skin directly contact pads is easy to infect bacterial. In the menstrual period, women's resistance will reduce, slightly do not pay attention to it will be susceptible to infection or cause disease of department of gynaecology.

2, devotion to well-absorb sanitary napkin

Many women will choose sanitary napkin which has strong absorption, they believe that it can be used for a long time and saved a lot of trouble. Actually this kind of idea is wrong. In in the menstrual blood has rich nutrients material, easy for bacteria breeding. So, the sanitary napkin must be diligent to replace.

3, put on the toilet for a long time

General sanitary napkin is nonwovens production for the fiber material, material will be metamorphic after be affected with damp. So giving the chance to bacteria's invasion and breeding. Most of the toilets are moisture and easy to breed mold. After unpacking the sanitary napkin should be put in dry and clean environment, should not be used again after be affected with damp.

If you suffer from gynecologic inflammation, you can accept the treatment of Chinese traditional medicine, it can kill bacterial effectively and with no side-effect such as Fuyan pill.

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