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In Wuhan, a woman thought the second pregnancy of her came since her bigger and bigger belly day after day, also for four months she didn't have period. But a doctor told her it were some grape-like tissues, no fetus in her body after a check had by her in a hospital. What happened? Hydatidiform mole which is a disease rarely happen to her actually.

She found she was pregnant by using a pregnancy test at home, also she had regurgitation, her period was stopped from this June. She had a 10-year-old kid already. The fetus was trying to be kept by her after discussion with her husband. Day after day, and her belly became bigger and bigger, she felt so happy. Professional check was not got by her in a hospital since last time when she gave birth to her first kid, she didn't receive any neither. But a B ultrasound was got by her in a hospital last week for her vagina bled, in her belly she felt very uncomfortable. There was no fetus, only non echo areas which like honeycomb, in her uterus, there were found by the doctor. Curettage was done by the doctor for her two days later.



What is the reason of no fetus after checked by B ultrasound? Bubbles of different sizes connect to each other and a bunch just like grapes are formed. Diet, race, inheritance are relate to the disease possible, it is not known if there is pathogenesis, one out of a thousand is the rate of getting the disease.

Without on time antenatal checks, also careless, even second babies are wanted by women who were born after 70s or 80s for it is widely spread and the principle for allowing two kids in a family is published now. In order to eliminate extrauterine pregnancy, hydatidiform mole or other diseases, formal check needs to be got by them in hospitals, this is strongly suggested.

Curcian, sea cucumber, honey, fig, almond, lotus root juice and green tea can be taken by patients after taking out hydatidiform mole surgery. But they can't have food which is spicy. Increase leukocyte or anticancer food like walnut, soft-shelled turtle, mushroom, quail, longan, date, fishes and lean meat can be eaten by them after decreases, leukocyte or after surgery, during treatment. TCMs like pericarpium citri reticulatae, Chinese yam, hawthorn and perl barley can be eaten by loose stool, dyspepsia, low appetite patients. In order to decrease the side effect, grass carp, pond fish, fat head fish, loach and kiwi fruit can be eaten too.

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