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Women all over the world have health problems that can directly impact their unborn child. Pregnant women need more care as their digesting food not only for themselves but also for their children who is yet to born. Assisting doctor's help by seeking regular check-ups is mandatory to stop chances of acquiring maternal death. Inappropriate health care or ignoring its importance fully would definitely keep pregnant women and her child under risk. Though there have been fall in death rates of pregnant women but still researchers reported cases of women's and/or child's death. It is false statement where people suggest grabbing expensive health care to get rid of females from delivering sick newborns.


Low income group people have greater chances to get defeated by maternal death because members of their family avoid spending money to grant facilities that could be vital for unborn baby's health. It is health conscious step to have HIV tests by pregnant women to stay satisfy that child is safe. Specialized care at the time of delivery, labor, pregnancy, etc is sounded as a clever decision. Around 50 percent of world's populations have managed to overcome this threatening maternal death. According to health investigators, the main causes of maternal death are many-

  1. Complication of severe abortion,
  2. Women suffering from hypertensive disorder,
  3. Infection,
  4. Obstructed labor,
  5. Haemorrhage, etc.

There are various health related issues that has the potential to turn into drastic end of pregnancy like malaria, deformed pelvic muscles, injured spinal cord or any organs. Even after these major problems, if child could manage to get birth, still it has been noticed that after few weeks these babies die. There are number of cases seen where newborn child is having inadequate weight (mainly lower weight measure), or birth defects. These problems are preventable and there are various health organizations launched including UNICEF who are conducting effective health measures for pregnant women's well-being. Programs launched to preserve child from HIV disease, generally spread from mother to child. Free HIV/AIDS tests and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) have been organized in many parts of various countries, particularly for poor people. Parents of unborn have been counseled well to proffer secure breastfeeding practices and 'how to furnish proper nutritional diet?' UNICEF has taken the objective to impart educational facilities for making girls to acquire basic knowledge related to pregnancy & infants care that has shown result in improvement in childbirth survival rates, postnatal & prenatal care. Homecare practices are the best formula to protect women's health that could prevent problems of newborn problems such as sepsis, asphyxia, etc.

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