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Many women suffer from low libido problem and there can be situations where she may not respond to her partner's initiatives in lovemaking. It can be a condition where the woman completely lack interest in lovemaking or fails to get to the climax to feel satisfied from the process. Sometimes, the climax is too fast and in certain cases, the woman gets too anxious before getting started. Normally, the topic of frigidity is not considered important, and in many cases, men complain of less satisfaction in conjugal life which may be linked to ego issues. This may happen due to irregular or non-participation of woman. The condition of lack of desire can happen due to a number of factors including endocrine disorders, cultural conditions and emotional disorders.

The overall behavior in partnership is determined by a number of factors. Sometimes, women are capable and can take part in the process of lovemaking physically but they avoid because the partner's approach of lovemaking is emotionally and physically uncooperative. One can get rid of low libido problem in women by taking the right kind of support, counseling and understanding the viewpoint of the partner.



Kamni capsule is one of the most widely used herbal remedies for low libido problem in women that works magically in empowering the female body with phyto chemicals that are necessary for normal functioning of the female organs. It contains natural compounds which can control psychological and physical factors that interfere with normal conjugal behavior of women. Herbal remedies for low libido problem in women contain compounds that help in boosting health. It improves immunity and reduces respiratory disorders. When taken regularly the herbal remedies for low libido problem in women can stimulate female organs to make women respond fast to the initiatives of partner.

A number of middle-aged women complain of low libido and avoid getting into the act because they have certain medical problems. Menopause, premenopausal phase or any problems in the uterine or the female reproductive organs can reduce their libido. Women who suffer from diabetes or have heart related medical problems may not be able to enjoy the process. Sometimes, talking about the symptoms and the conditions can help women identify their problems to resolve the matter. When a woman gets aroused, she may remain in the same phase for more time as compared to men, who take few seconds to get normal after reaching the climax. The condition when women get dissatisfied after initiating may cause frigidity and the women may not want to start it at all.

Ras Sindoor has been mixed with other compounds such as Nagbhasm and Lauhbhasm, in proper ratio in the herbal remedies for low libido problem in women, which are very effective in resolving many medical problems of women. It raises the mood and physically makes the person feel energized to get rid of low libido problem in women. There are other natural compounds in the remedy which helps in completely reviving the level of physical interest, reducing emotional issues and enhancing mood for better conjugal life.

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