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Infertility in simple terms means failure to get pregnant. However, several age slots are there to predict whether someone is infertile. Along with age, various factors are also influencing the ability to conceive.

Once your doctor confirmed that you have infertility issues and cannot conceive, the initial step you need to take is to find out the reason behind this inability. Doctor might recommend you some treatments as per the cause of infertility. IVF treatment is usually pursued when other fertility treatments have failed to provide positive results.

Going through IVF can be an exciting journey, however, at the same time can be a thrilling experience. Considered as the most complex fertility treatment, IVF emerges as a magical treatment of making a baby through test tube or outside the female's womb. The best thing is that IVF fulfill the dreams of millions of infertile couple by letting them enjoying parenthood, even when nature does not allow them to do so.

In Vitro Fertilization is the very first tried when females are unable to conceive because of their blocked or damaged Fallopian Tubes, severe cases of male infertility or when donated eggs being used.


IVF is frequently successful however it may take more than one attempt. Studies demonstrate that the potential for success with IVF is the same for up to four cycles. IVF is truly stressful. Simply looking over the ultrasounds schedules, injections and blood test and so forth can make you feel delicate. Indeed the fertility medications may change your mind-sets.

In Vitro Fertilization may make your feel worried or sad, but apart from that even you and your partner may struggle in your relationship together. As treatment will go for quite long, around 20-25 days and consists of multiple stages, going through little bit stress for future parents. However having complete knowledge and with proper preparation in advance can make your IVF treatment go smoothly, so following are some ways to take good care of your mind and body.

Healthy pregnancy requires a healthy body, so it's essential to do your best to stay healthy and fit. You can begin with nutrition. An accurate amount of nutrition will stimulate your body's normal functioning. Without a doubt stay away from unhealthy foods and drinks and eat balanced healthy diet. Caffeine, alcohol, food rich in sugar and fat foods are some things you need to avoid. Additionally cut down the habit of smoking, because this is the time you need to think about two or three, including the father as well. In order to complete the requirement of nutrients, add foods in your diet that are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Protein rich food also helps stimulating egg formation.

Preparing your body for IVF is more than only feeding it. You need to modify your lifestyle as per the changes brought by IVF. This is the fact that bearing normal weight gives good results for IVF treatment. However smoothly and gradually maintain your weight before IVF is a good choice.

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