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PID treatment is most women would like to learn about because it has high incidence rate among them. A lot of people don't really understand this disease; today let's learn about what are the symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease.

Pelvic inflammatory disease refers to the female pelvic cavity reproductive organs, the connective tissue around uterus and inflammation of the pelvic peritoneum. Chronic pelvic inflammation is always developed by incomplete treatment of acute pelvic inflammation. It is of long duration and he the illness is stubborn.

The symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease:

1.Menstrual disorders

Because of endometrial hyperemia and ulcers, there will be the symptom of menorrhagia. Most of the patients have suffered from PID for a long time, so that endometrial have had damage in different degree. It showed up as the less menstruation or amenorrhea.

2. Lower abdominal pain

Because of pelvic inflammation and adhesion, it can have different degrees of lower abdominal pain, especially in menstrual period.

3. Systemic symptom

If in the period of activity, it will have the symptoms like TB(tuberculosis), such as fever, night sweats, fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, etc., sometimes have fever in the menstrual period.


4. Infertility

Due to destruction and adhesion of fallopian tubes, it always makes lumen obstruction and around tissue adhesion. Sometimes part of lumen still maintains unimpeded, but the mucosa cilia are destroyed. The fallopian tubes are too stiffness to wriggle, so the fallopian tubes lost their transport function. It is the significant reason of infertility.

The treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease:

1. Drug treatment

Antibiotics are the major drug for treating acute pelvic inflammatory disease, including intravenous fluids, muscle injection and oral dosing. And in order to achieve better results, antibiotics can combine with traditional Chinese medicine to treat diseases. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) includes fuyan pills, which can have the good effect of anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory.

2. The surgical treatment

Hydrosalpinx or ovarian cyst is suitable for surgical treatment. There is infection which repeatedly cause inflammation is also appropriate for surgical treatment. Surgery is tantamount to cure thoroughly for the principle, avoiding the chance of recurrence and going on appendix resection or salpingectomy. For young women, should try to keep ovarian function. The therapy effect of chronic pelvic inflammation is relatively poorer; it is advisable to adopt comprehensive treatment.

3. Psychological treatment

Enhancing the confidence of the treatment, increase nutrition and exercise. Paying attention to the balance between work and leisure and improving the body's resistance.

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