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From the clinic cases, it is common to see females to seek for medical help because of urinating frequently or urinating urgently. These are great differences from their ages, living habits, occupations and so on. But their symptoms are surprising nearly the same and most of the cases have influence on their daily life. Some of them have seen many doctors, and also spent a lot of money on curing it, but they still couldn't get cured. What does it mean if females suffer from urinating frequently? And what should women do if they suffer from urinating frequently or urinating urgently?

Urinating frequently and urinating urgently are the most common symptoms in urinary system symptoms. It belongs to Urology. Most of Urology diseases would lead to these symptoms. To solve these problems, first of all you should figure out the exact causes of them.



Firstly, urinary tract infection should be taken into consideration. According to the data, women would have urinary tract infection at least once during their whole life. Of course, this is average data, maybe some females never infect with UTI in their life, while some have suffered it for many times. Due to anatomical and physiological characteristics, women are particularly vulnerable to infection violated. Because of urinary tract mucosa has the ability to resist bacterial invasion, and with continue flushing urine, it is difficult to pathogenic. Females' urethra is short and wide front, coupled with menstruation, sex, pregnancy and other factors, the bacteria is easy to penetrate. Various iatrogenic urethral invasive procedures (such as catheterization, cystoscopy), and various chronic diseases (such as diabetes, glomerulonephritis), etc., are also important factors that the bacteria invade the urinary tract easily and then cause disease.

Once urinary tract infections are excluded, we must consider a number of other problems that would lead to frequent and urgent urination. You know, a lot of urinary system diseases, such as bladder stones, bladder tuberculosis, interstitial cystitis, and bladder cancer can cause symptoms of urinary urgency and frequency. While these cases are relatively rare, obviously the harms are greater. For these situations, it is necessary to do some specialist examination. Simple operation B-ultrasound, non-invasive, can find some serious diseases easily; it is the preferred method of examination. Cystoscopy is invasive examination, you can not only clearly see the total length of the bladder and urethra, but also crawl biopsy suspicious lesions, and it is a method for further screening. With advances in image technology, CT examination and reconstruction, they can already replace traditional methods such as angiography, and they can clearly be scanned for all urinary system. By means of these checks, most diseases can get the correct diagnosis.

Once find out the exact cause, in time treatment is needed. For curing frequent and urgent urination that are caused by UTI or interstitial cystitis, females could try the herbal supplement “diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill” from Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic. It could kill the bacterial, anti-inflammation, clear heat, and promote the blood circulation. It could eventually clear up all symptoms caused by UTI or interstitial cystitis.

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