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According to statistics, there can be a woman who suffers a lot from heavy menstrual bleeding in every five women, for most of the patients, their life is influenced seriously by long term fatigue, anemia, unexpected embarrassment, inconvenience of movement and sexual life. Part of them will have the amount of bleeding like during menstrual period metrorrhagia, and the disease can cause shock for patients who get heavy menstrual bleeding. Should they be afraid of the disease forever? No! It can be cured by a suitable way.

Normally a menstrual bleeding is treated abnormal if it lasts more than 7 days, the menstrual cycle is less than 21 days and the total amount of the menstrual bleeding is more than 80ml.


  1. The disordered neuroendocrine function. Mainly is because of unstable or defective function of hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis.
  2. Ovarian problems. For female in child bearing period, the disease is normally caused by bad function of corpus luteum, symptom is heavy menstrual bleeding.
  3. Organic diseases or medicines. Include partial inflammation of genitals, tumour, dysplasia, malnutrition, intracranial diseases, other endocrine dysfunctions such as abnormal cortex functions for thyroid and adrenal gland, diabetes, liver disease and blood disorders. At the same time, usage of psychiatric drugs or intrauterine device can also cause heavy menstrual bleeding.

What can heavy menstrual bleeding do to harm women patients? For women who have the disease, the menstrual bleeding amount can be 4-5 times of normal amount, every time during the menstrual period, 30-60 sanitary napkin can be used. For these women, because of losing too much blood during menstrual period, they often have anemia. During and after the period they often have anemia, general weakness, sour in waist and pain in legs and have insomnia and dreamful sleep, usually they are easy to catch a cold too. So once these symptoms occur, women should visit a doctor and find a treatment.



Hormone drugs therapy which can cure 50 percent women who get the disease. And they can cause side effects such as headache, weight gain and nausea, for patients who have unstable high blood pressure, serious diabetes, thrombus and depressive disorder, they can't be taken at all.

Endometrial ablation or hysterectomy, they are not generally acceptable for women who want to have their own babies. And it will take a long time for recovery, often it can lead to the decrease of sexual life too, and women may have menopause earlier and chronic pelvic pain.

Fuyan Pill, which is totally safe and green like food we eat, has no side effect, often patients can be cured within several months without getting a wound.

Also patients need a healthy diet, eat more food with high content of iron, which are animal-based foods such as meat, fish and liver.

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