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Hydrosalpinx, which means the water in the tubes, is a more than common female disease, and it is very likely that one will get infertility because of this. Women with this often do not know what to do with it, and they often resort to the western treatments. Some of them may even think that surgery can be there best choice, but what they do not know is that this kind of treatment is not harmful for their body and may even lead to some side-effects.

There are many dangers for the female to get the disease and they can listed below.

Irregular menstruation: fallopian tube lesions, usually ovarian spared. This patient can also appear excessive menstrual flow, menstrual frequent irregular menstruation and other conditions.

Abdominal pain: with the stimulation of inflammation, the patient will appear lumbosacral pain phenomenon. But due to different disease conditions, the pain shown by the patient also has a certain difference. However, some patients had no significant pain.


Menstrual pain: dysmenorrhea is also the signal for the hydrosalpinx. More closer to the patient's menstrual period, the abdominal pain will be shown by the more significant until the menstrual cramps.

Female infertility: For some patients, infertility is the only symptoms of tubal hydrops. Hydrosalpinx will directly affect the formation of fertilized eggs and infertility.

Ectopic pregnancy: Under normal circumstances, the fallopian tube will be through the cilia swing and smooth muscle peristalsis, the fertilized eggs transported to the uterine cavity. When suffered from the hydrosalpinx, the formation of fertilized eggs will not be able to run under the effect of cilia in the uterine cavity implantation, resulting in ectopic pregnancy occurred. Ectopic pregnancy as a powerful paroxysmal disease, it is life-threatening for patients. Therefore, timely diagnosis and treatment must be found.

Fuyan pill is originally developed by Dr. Lee, who is an experienced doctor who has been studying genital and urinary tract of women for over 30 years. It consists of various precious herbs, like red flower, honeysuckle and pangolin scales, and capable of significantly reducing promote blood circulation as well as reliving pain. Some ingredients of fuyan pill can also strengthen womens immune system, preventing the relapse of hydrosalpinx. As a TCM made of natural plants, animals and minerals, fuyan pill has no side effects, and patients can take it until they are fully recovered. By taking the TCM, women who are diagnosed of hydrosalpinx don't have to lose their uterus by surgery, which is a great relief to these patients.

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