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IVF can be a miraculous solution for infertile couples by giving them the unparalleled joy of parenthood. Unfortunately, there are some hapless infertile couples where the females cannot carry their babies in their wombs. There can be uncountable factors responsible for the inability to carry a child such as absence or removal of the womb, weak body, anemia and technical mistakes like repeated implantation failure, incorrect or incomplete medication, etc. But our ever-evolving technology and science have answered the pleas of such women with surrogacy.

Surrogacy is a process wherein a woman lends her womb to a couple who is unable to beget a child of their own, goes through pregnancy and legally gives the child to that couple after birth. There are multiple varieties of surrogacy where:-



  • The couple provides the sperms and eggs for fertilization. After being fertilized, the consequent zygote or embryo is transferred into the womb of another woman or surrogate.
  • The sperm of the father is transferred into the uterus of another woman or surrogate where it can fertilize one of her egg and form an embryo. This method, however, has been declared illegal in India.
  • Sperms and ova, both donated by other parties are allowed to fertilize and then transferred into another woman's womb where it grows until delivery.
  • An egg from a third party is allowed to be fertilized by the father's sperm and the embryo is transferred into the womb of the surrogate.

The surrogate carries the embryo in her womb until it matures into a baby. After the birth of the baby, it is given to the intended couple legally.

Patients need to be highly aware and alert about the woman they choose for surrogation and even the IVF facilities they opt for as wrong choices might obstruct their chances of being able to take their baby with them. It is important to find a registered and trustworthy IVF clinic or IVF hospital such as the Indira IVF Center, Pune or Indira IVF Center in New Delhi to ensure that the baby is given to the couple legally and after the completion of all the necessary formalities. Also, the reliability of the IVF specialists and hygiene of the IVF facility are very important factors that must be taken into consideration before choosing any IVF Centre.

A well educated decision as well as a dash of positivity can aid in bringing a bundle of joy to the barren lives of infertile couples. All that needs to be done is to choose wisely.

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