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Menstrual flow happens every month in a woman and it is normal to have some amount of pain and inflammation during this time. Every woman has a different menstrual cycle and different pattern of release of fluid. The inner lining of the uterus that collects blood removes it after every 28 days in menstruation. When the woman gets pregnant the inner lining may not be released and it is called missed periods. Some women suffer from the problem of missed periods, even when they do not get pregnant.

Sometimes the color, thickness and the way the blood release appears different. Sometimes the color of blood gets darker and it may also cause other forms of inconveniences such as itching, inflammation and extreme pain. Pills to cure the irregularity targets the normal endocrine functioning of human body and may cause unnecessary disruptions. For menstrual problems herbal remedies offers better cure which works naturally to resolve the regular flow of endocrines and improve the functioning of endocrines to prevent delay or fastening of flow of monthly cycle.



Normally women facing abnormalities in flow may have excess loss of blood or blood loss for more than 7 days, which can cause anemia and the woman suffers from weakness or fatigue. Also women may suffer from depression and mood swings during this time. For these menstrual problems herbal remedies such as Gynecure capsules can be taken which is made up of herbs that can restrict the flow of excess blood and also protect infections in the genitals. The remedy contains more than 20 herbs including guattaria longifolia, symplocos racemosa, dolichos biflorus, cichorium intybus, areca catechu etc.

Guattaria longifolia was studied in laboratory and was found to posses liver protective properties. The healing property and antioxidants in the bark extract is effective in curing damaged liver. In the laboratory test the herb extract was found to be comparable to 100 mg / kg of Silymarin. The bark extract could reduce the inflammation of the liver and was chemo protective in nature. It is normally used on the treatment for the painful uterine bleeding. It is effective in curing the condition of dysmenorrhea and mental anxieties in women. Also it can cure the conditions of bleeding hemorrhoids, fibroids and uterine sedatives. Its bark contains the conditions sterol, catechol, tannin and organic calcium compounds which affect the uterus and controls estrogen release in female body.

For menstrual problems herbal remedies contains herbs which can reduce stomach disorders as well to prevent diarrhea and promote absorption of healthy nutrients in the body. The herbs promote the elimination of harmful and damaging substances from the body. It improves general wellbeing. The herbs were traditionally used to reduce the pain and inflammation of the female reproductive organs. Herbs have properties to reduce the damage to the muscles and tissues of the female organs to enhance its power and prevent pain or itching cased by any kind of infection. The herbs are widely used for curing excess vaginal bleeding and uterus conditions and hence can be found in the above mentioned menstrual problems herbal remedies.

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