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Mycoplasmal infection is widely known as a common disease through sexual contract. Under the influence of such an idea, many female friends think that mycoplasma is resulted only by these methods with sexual relation, such as: too many intercourses, multiple sex partner or lots of poor sexual life, etc. In fact, such a concept has absolutely misunderstanding. Maybe you do not know even if a woman has the sex only with a fixed partner, she will have the possibility of suffering from mycoplasma.

multiple partners and unclean sexual life mentioned above, female friends are easier to be infected with mycoplasma. However, it is needed to make a supplement in here that Sexual transmission is only a way for mycoplasma, except for this, mycoplasma infection is also from these transmissions of hands, towels, clothes, bath fittings ,swimming pools and so on.

Taking towels as an example, if a woman keep persistently a sex with a single partner, but the partner is just infected with mycoplasma, and they used the same towel, then the woman is possible to be troubled by mycoplasma. Although the comparison with sexual transmission, this method has a lower rate in mycoplasma, however, the possibility can not be ruled out.


In addition, we should consider others situations, such as Ureaplasma Urealyticum. As for Ureaplasma Urealyticum, it has a wide range in our nature and it can be stored in many animals, such as: cattle, sheep, horse, pig, etc. If a woman is just in the condition of having a decreasing immune and resistance ,she had the meats of these animals with Ureaplasma Urealyticum, then it can also be infected with mycoplasma.

The symptoms of Mycoplasma in women are various, general speaking, the main symptom is inflammation lying in the female reproductive system, spreading in the center of Cervix, some patients do not show clear signs, on the contrary, other patients are very obvious in the symptoms. Supposed the infection exists only in the cervix, patients have usually increased leucorrhea, swelling cervix, cervical erosion, etc. What is more severe, if the infection is spread out to the urinary tract, then blood urination will be exposed out.

Furthermore, owing to have a close relation among female reproductive organs, therefore, if one organ in the reproductive system is infected, then other organs are easy to be involved into. Usually, patients with mycoplasma have a combination of salpingitis, endometritis or pelvic inflammation disease,ect, these bad results can not only bring into some gynaecologic troubles but also induce female infertility.

Therefore, this returns back to the topic we are often talking about, that is: How to treat well the mycoplasma infection? As for the disease, patient can try to take western medicine named antibiotics, having a certain effect. However, it is suggested that patient should not ignore its drug resistance and drug tolerance. If you have a long-term treatment of using antibiotic and this effect is not very good, then patients can have a try to chinese herbal medicine, for example, taking oral patented medicine named “Fuyan Pill”, it is a natural one with no side effects, no drug resistance, no drug tolerance, according to the successful clinic examples, it is a very effective medicine on Chlamydia ,mycoplasma and other female reproductive diseases.

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