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'Woman frigidity' is the expression used to indicate low-interest of women in the process of lovemaking. The problem affects many women but it is rarely discussed openly by them.

Rather this is not believed to be problem at all but it has severe effects on the satisfaction level in general conjugal life of married couples. Women who are not much interested in lovemaking may find it difficult to have satisfactory lovemaking relationship with their married partner, particularly if the partner seeks to get into the act frequently. Rather the condition where husband's libido does not match the wife's libido, the problem of mismatch can be annoying more for the partner who has higher desire and does not get the desired level of satisfaction from the relationship. To get rid of frigidity problem in women a basic level of counseling for improving normal partnership behavior and simple remedies can be taken. Natural remedies Kamni capsule are globally used by women to enhance desire and increase the level of enjoyment in conjugal life.



Natural remedies for frigidity problem in women contain herbs and natural chemicals which are prepared through a series of processes in Ayurvedic laboratory. The compounds have the power to energize mentally and physically. Certain compounds in the natural remedies for frigidity problem in women can revive natural immunity and increase the flow of chemicals in body which raise the level of desire and libido in women. To get rid of frigidity problem in women emotional and physical support should be provided to women.

Mostly the problem of frigidity can be noticed when women changes the topic of love and avoids situations where they may have to get along with their partner. Men and women both with age suffer from many medical problems and may gain weight which can, additionally, make the process less enjoyable. Normally, for men the experience of lovemaking gives them the way to have heart to heart chats with partner and women may notice their show of concern when they get close. Men have frequent and fast climax as compared to women, who may take time and may not be able to get climax fast. Certain life factors and health conditions can completely affect women's capability to make love. Emotional trauma and situation such as miscarriage can have long-term psychological effect on women. Some women are frustrated about situations in their life. Relationship issues and loss of confidence in partner can have long-term impact on her libido.

Ras Sindoor is one of the ingredients of the natural remedies for frigidity problem which is mercury based herbal extract used in Ayurvedic preparation with a range of other chemicals to treat diseases. The herb when taken in the right way helps in improving the heart functions and can get rid of frigidity problem in women. It is a cardiac stimulant and rejuvenates the body completely. It is very effective in improving genetic disorders. It can cure urinary problems and respiratory conditions. It is also effective in preventing fatigue and tiredness.

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