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Endometrial hyperplasia among gynecological diseases can cause great harm and with a high incidence. It was also believed that the disease has a certain tendency to raise the risk of cancer, called precancerous lesions. It is characterized as a group of endometrial glandular dysplasia . Many patients are positive to ask for treatment, however, due to improper ways, the effect is often poor. Viewed from past experience, endometrial hyperplasia treatment needs to avoid side effects, which is more in line with demand.

Overall for endometrial hyperplasia, it is common to adopt treatments like hormonal, surgical approach. But the side effects of these methods are relatively serious, the patient should pay attention to them. For example, long-term use of hormones may cause dizziness, headache, or even cause endometrial atrophy; and surgical approach to hysterectomy is also very relentless to those women who are eager to have a baby. Furthermore, the surgery itself can cause the body great harm. Therefore, only to find a way to avoid the drawbacks of the method, can patients get most from the treatment.



Compared to above treatments, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can obtain wide recognition of patients, relying on its own advantage. Traditional Chinese medicine fuyan pills has achieved good results, the prescription has also got national patent. In Chinese medicine review, endometrial hyperplasia is the result of dampness-heat in lower energizer, blood congestion and blood stasis. So it's pivotal to improve blood circulation and dissipate blood stasis

Herbs like peach kernel, angelica, saffron etc are added into fuyan pill so it can play a role in promoting blood circulation. While adhering to the principle of full conditioning, the Poria in fuyan pill can nurse spleen, honeysuckle and skullcap have a function of clearing away heat and detoxification. Reasonable compatibility of multiple drugs is also helpful to anti-proliferation, anti-fibrosis and other effects. All of these for treating endometrial hyperplasia can work very well. Drawn from nature, TCM is possible to do it without side effects.

Endometrial hyperplasia itself brings patients a lot of hurt, and the purpose of its treatment is quite simply to reduce the harm. if it is the treatment that poses serious side effects, presumably a lot of people will not agree. So avoiding the side effects on proliferation is very important. Patients after diagnosis can try traditional Chinese medicine therapy with more safety.

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