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Moe than 25% of ladies with age 40 or more have faced at least one time or more with the excessive bleeding or medically known as menorrhagia. Menorrhagia is an excessively heavy periods or uterine bleeding which accompanied with clots. Most of the ladies along with the condition also have to make a deal with menstrual cramping which can also be there due to hormonal imbalance or some medical issue can also be there that make you force to try natural medicine for menorrhagia.

Symptoms- If you are most often visiting the washroom to change the sanitary protection after the gap of every hour or two then the sign is you are having menorrhagia. Another sign for the annoying condition is that when you are having periods for more than 7 days and all the days you would have same kind of heaving bleeding. Another indication is loss of stamina and this is quite obvious because when one loses that much a mount of blood then leaves her without energy and stamina. Other alarming signals for the issue would be fatigue, anaemia, depression, low strength and in severe condition cervical cancer would be the result of the issue.

Causes- Hormonal misbalance is mostly the main reason for the heavy bleeding during periods. Usually the ladies who are at their 40-50 and stepping in their menopause stage are more likely to get the condition. There might be some more reasons for the issues are excessive weight gain or loss, uterine abnormalities, stress, thyroid issues, infection in the pelvic area, fibroids, presence of benign uterine tumors like non-cancerous thickening of endometrium, fiboroids, endometriosis, polyps, and infection.


What to depend over- Natural medicine for menorrhagia would include some of the age old and well known remedies for the same. Using the same would support you with relaxing during menstruation and the main ones includes:

Cinnamon- A tea that is prepared using cinnamon in it is effective remedy. You can prepare the cinnamon tea with a cup of water that you have to bring to boil with adding a stick of cinnamon to it. Now, strain it and have sips of same. You can also add cinnamon bark internally two times a day to give control in excessive bleeding.

Coriander seeds- Take 20 grams of coriander seed and add them in 20 ml of water and bring to boil till the water would reduce to 1/4th of the amount. Leave it for some time so would reach to the normal room temperature. Drink this so deal with excessive bleeding and during the most difficult time of periods.

Ginger- Take an inch long piece of fresh ginger and bring that boil in water for few minutes. You can drink the water for getting relief. In case, feel difficulty in drinking then can add sweetener like honey to it for making the taste better. Taking 2-3 cups after meals would be helpful for you.

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